Breakdown: Minnesota QB Commit Brennan Armstrong

Minnesota head coach P.J. Fleck has made the state of Ohio a recruiting priority, and he picked up a commitment from quarterback Brennan Armstrong Sunday. What are the Gophers getting with Armstrong?


WHAT ARE THE STRENGTHS? The greatest strength of Brennan Armstrong would be the fact that this is a pure winner in every sense of the word. He is going to win on the field, in the weight room, in the classroom, and in the community. Physically, he is tough as nails, evidenced by his running ability and his play at safety. He has good arm strength, but great field awareness and pocket presence. He is highly intelligent and can get the football out quickly to the right receiver, with accuracy and zip on the ball. He is also a pure quarterback, and we've seen schools taking athletes first at the position, then trying to make them into a quarterback. This is a great pickup for Minnesota.

WHAT ARE THE CONCERNS? In an era where college coaches are putting super athletes at quarterback, and using them as runners first and passers second, that just isn't Brennan Armstrong. He is athletic, but this is not Cam Newton or Terrelle Pryor. He is also not the prototypical 6-foot-5, 235-pound, kid that can throw it through a wall from 50-yards out. Armstrong does everything well, but is just not the physically imposing player some schools prefer. He will beat people with the combination of his skills, not one particular feature that stands out at first glance. 

WHAT ARE THE INTANGIBLES? This is the smartest player on the field, the toughest player on the field, and the great leader that Gopher coaches are going to love. His high school coaches rave about his work ethic and his leadership skills. He's been putting up big numbers and winning big games since he was a freshman starter, and I expect that to continue at the next level. While he might not have the ceiling of an Andrew Luck, Armstrong has a very high floor and there is almost a zero bust rate with this type of kid.

WHO DOES HE COMPARE TO? Think of Kellen Moore at the college level (also left handed by the way), or Drew Brees at the NFL level. 

WHAT ABOUT HIS RANKING? Currently ranked as a three-star, but we are now in the process of updating our rankings for the 2018 class. Armstrong is definitely under consideration for four-star status.

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