Daevon Robinson

ATH Daevon Robinson excited about his Rutgers offer

Medford (N.J.) Shawnee athlete Daevon Robinson breaks down his Rutgers offer.

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As college coaches decide how Daevon Robinson fits into their program, the Medford (N.J.) Shawnee standout is feeling his way through the recruiting process.

The 6-foot-4, 205-pound Robinson was offered by Rutgers and Temple recently, and he is talking with Maryland and Connecticut.

"When I talked to Rutgers, they said they would like me to play both sides of the ball," Robinson said. "They would have to see when I get there. Temple has only talked to me about receiver. I will play any side of the ball, but offense is my favorite."


Robinson made a recent trip to Rutgers, and he left with a much different view of the program than when he arrived.

"Rutgers is a really nice program," Robinson said. "They've really done a lot with their facilities and I feel like they're a really great program.

"I've always heard that Rutgers wasn't really a good organization with what went on (a few years ago) so I pictured in my mind it wouldn't be that good. I went up there and I was really surprised. It was really nice."

During the visit, Robinson met with receivers coach Jafar Williams and coach Chris Ash.

"(Williams) is a great, great guy," Robinson said. "He messages me a lot. He's outgoing. He's a pretty funny guy and straight forward.

"Coach Ash gave me a list of four positions. He said they could play me at outside linebacker, they could play me at defensive end, athletic tight end or maybe a big receiver. He said he thinks I'm a really good athlete so he would like to offer me a scholarship." 

Robinson made a recent visit to Temple, and it was his first chance to see the campus.

"Great facility playing at (Lincoln Financial Field) and they have some really good coaches there, and a really good work ethic," Robinson said. "(The campus) was way bigger than I thought it would be. I did not think as an inner city school it would be as big as it was."

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