Jaelen Gill

Breakdown: OSU 4-Star Commit Jaelen Gill

Ohio State added their fourth commitment to the 2018 recruiting class Wednesday afternoon when they accepted the commitment of four-star runningback Jaelen Gill. What are the Buckeyes getting with Gill?


WHAT ARE THE STRENGTHS? First off, Jaelen Gill is an athlete with tremendous football skills. He is a very smart football player, and the speed and cutting ability stand out the most. His varied skill set could enable him to play any of several positions on the field for Ohio State. We like him as a runningback, but he could certainly play wide receiver, either as a slot or on the outside. Were he to concentrate on defense, he could be an elite safety or cornerback. I also see him as a devastating kickoff or punt returner. These are the types of athletic skill players that the nation's top coaches are looking for. 

WHAT ARE THE CONCERNS? To me, there are no concerns at all and this is the type of athlete you take in a second and watch him develop. Gill will need to dedicate himself to getting bigger and stronger in the weight room, and he knows this. The thought is that once he is done with baseball, and can concentrate on one position at Ohio State, his overall football game will grow by leaps and bounds. 

WHAT ARE THE INTANGIBLES? After getting to know this kid and his family as a freshman, the drive and the work ethic are going to carry him at the college level. Once he gets to Ohio State the days of being the most talented athlete on the field are over, and Jaelen Gill will still be a force because of how badly he wants to succeed and his ability to be coached. He has leadership skills, and wants to be the best. 

WHO DOES HE COMPARE TO? You hate to compare anyone to Ezekiel Elliott, and to be truthful, Zeke was not the player he is today coming out of high school in Missouri as a true freshman, but Jaelen Gill has those types of skills. He compares favorably to Zeke when both were high school juniors. Will he put the time in building his body? Will he put himself in optimal physical shape? Will he become a student of the game and be the smartest player on the field? We do not have those answers right now, but if those answers are YES, then Ohio State has something special in Jaelen Gill. 


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