Aron Cruichshank (photo by Brian Dohn)

New York No. 1 WR Aron Cruickshank has a Big Ten and ACC school atop list

Brooklyn Erasmus Hall receiver prospect Aron Cruickshank has two schools atop his list.

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Aron Cruickshank, the top receiver in New York and one of the most explosive athletes in the East, is finishing track season and looking at a few visits.

And, the Brooklyn Erasmus Hall standout said, an ACC and Big Ten school sit on the top of his list.

"My top two right now are Wisconsin and Virginia," Cruickshank said. "Both are good academically, and they are both different. I think I will fit better in those two schools."

Cruickshank's offer list includes Ohio State, where former Erasmus Hall standouts Curtis Samuel and Jahsen Wint went, as well as MichiganRutgersPenn State and Syracuse.

Because of track season -- he long jumps (23 feet, one-inch is season best) and runs the 200 meters (22.08 seconds person best) -- making visits the last few months was not possible.

However, he does plan on visiting several schools in the spring. In addition to regular contact with Virginia and Wisconsin, there are a handful of other schools staying in contact with Cruickshank.

"I talk to Rutgers a lot," he said. "I talk to Temple once in a while. I talk to Georgia here and there. I talk to Ohio State a lot and I talk to Michigan here and there."

Wisconsin's coaching staff talks to Cruickshank about being a difference maker.

"They run a pro-style offense," he said. "They like to run the ball but also like to get the ball to their play makers. I like to be a part of that type of offense."

Although Cruickshank has a top two, he has interest in other schools, including Penn State. The Nittany Lions like his explosiveness. 

His only trip to campus was as a student when he went on an academic visit. He is yet to see the football facilities and meet with the coaching staff.

"I see a great school academic-wise and football-wise," he said. "They are emerging in the Big Ten. I've been on the campus and it is a great atmosphere on campus. I remember there were a lot of schools within Penn State, and not just one big school."

Associate head coach Greg Schiano is Ohio State's point man for Cruickshank, who expects to visit campus in the spring.

"He's real cool," Cruickshank said. "It's not even like talking to a coach. He's not like a usual college coach. I know they get their players to where they want to be, either the NFL or in other careers they want to pursue.

"They are very (competitive) in everything thing they do. They are very professional."

Cruickshank also has familiarity with Rutgers, where former Erasmus Hall standout Deonte Roberts plays.

"They are asking me to come down when I have the time because of the closeness but because of track, I didn't have the time," Cruickshank said. "I am giving them a look, but my thing is I may want to go away."

Although Cruickshank plays quarterback at Erasmus Hall, he is being recruited as a receiver, so he spends time working on both positions in the offseason.

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