Elijah McAllister (photo by Sam Webb)

New Jersey No. 2 TE Elijah McAllister says Ivy League, Big Ten trips coming up

A second ACL injury is not derailing tight end prospect Elijah McAllister, who is looking at a handful of visits in the coming weeks.

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Elijah McAllister, the No. 2 tight end in New Jersey, is re-working his spring plans after suffering a second torn ACL, but he does not anticipate major changes in his recruitment.

The 6-foot-6, 215-pounder from Rumson-Fairhaven (N.J.) High said he will soon visit RutgersTemple and Princeton, and he is hoping to visit Stanford and Notre Dame, both of which are recruiting him to play defensive end.

"The injury doesn't really alter things," he said. "The same schools that offered me are still recruiting me hard. An ACL is a common injury, so I'm not too worried about it. I'm not close to making a decision, honestly. Not until January."


McAllister suffered the injury during basketball season about an month ago. He plans to be ready for his senior season of football, but the injury will keep him from participating in camps.

"That was the biggest thing," he said. "That was one of my goals going into the summer, but you can't change history."

McAllister plans on make the trips to Rutgers, Temple and Princeton during his spring break the second week of April.

"Rutgers, it's a good program, but I'm still trying to learn more about them," he said. "(Defensive line) coach (Shane) Burnham talks to me just about every day. (Special teams) coach (Vince) Okruh, coach (Chris) Ash, coach (Matt) Hewitt, just about every coach on the staff talks to me."

However, McAllister's best relationship is with Burnham.

"He's a fiery guy," McAllister said. "Obviously, being a defensive line coach, you have to bring the energy. I like him as a person. He's a good family man, a great father. Coach Ash as well.

"Their coaching staff is probably one of my favorite from a people standpoint. I feel like they are very upfront guys. There is no (lying) with them. I like they way they handle things. Family is everything. They are just great guys."

McAllister is yet to visit Temple since the change in coaches, but he is excited about the prospects of getting to campus.

"They came and visited me during school a few times but I haven't been with them in Philly, so that is a big trip for me," he said. "I speak to coach (Geoff) Collins regularly, (assistant) coach (Ed) Foley. Those are the two who are the ones I talk to the most. They are the ones recruiting me.

"(Collins) is a big recruiter. Coming from Florida and the SEC, he can definitely recruit. He's been big in my recruitment and opened my eyes to Temple."

Getting back for the start of the season is important for McAllister for a number of reasons, including so more schools can evaluate him.

"I've been talking to Stanford a lot," he said. "They want to come see me play in the fall. I'd end up playing defensive end there, though. So Stanford is big for me."

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