Brandon Robinson (photo by Brian Dohn)

QB Brandon Robinson will throw for Rutgers, Boston College and UConn

IRVINGTON, N.J. -- Quarterback Brandon Robinson has several schools set to see him throw during the spring evaluation period.

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Brandon Robinson knows what he is up against, but he is optimistic schools will take notice during the spring evaluation period.

The 6-foot-3, 214-pound quarterback missed his junior season with a leg injury. He is healthy and ready to perform now, but with quarterback recruiting usually finalized by the start of a prospect's senior season, Robinson is in a tough spot.

By the time he suits up for Irvington High, the majority of schools will have a quarterback in place in the 2018 class.

So the spring evaluation period is critical for Robinson, who is set to throw for Rutgers, Boston College and ConnecticutUCF is showing interest, and he said he will camp at Rutgers, Temple, Boston College and UConn in late spring and summer.

Robinson made recent visits to UConn, Rutgers and Temple with teammates Jasiah Provillon and Lance Turay.

"I've been to (Rutgers) a few times, so this last time I saw some areas where they are starting to improve as far as building facilities to better fit the players," Robinson said. "That way it is more comfortable and better for them."

Temple's facilities stood out to Robinson.

"The weight room and the practice facility was right next to each other, so that was good," he said. "It's close and convenient. The facilities were good."

UConn's layout and the friendliness of the coaching staff stayed with him.

"It was a perfect visualization of a college that you dream about as a little kid," Robinson said. "It just all came together. I liked it overall."

Since transferring from Maplewood (N.J.) Columbia to Irvington, Robinson focused on his footwork and taking snaps under center since his sophomore season was spent in the shotgun. 

"I've gotten a lot stronger, and I've worked on my speed from under center," Robinson said. "I'm working on still being about to make the same reads, and still do the same stuff from under center. I've been working with a quarterbacks coach and taking as many reps as I can."

Robinson's March 2017 Workout

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