Micah Parsons' new dog, Brutus

No. 2 prospect DE Micah Parsons, a Penn State commit, caused a firestorm after naming his dog

Penn State commit Micah Parsons, the No. 2 prospect in the 2018 class, caused a twitter-storm with the naming of his dog.

What's in a name? 

Well, if you are the No. 2 player in the nation and a Penn State commit being courted by other schools, apparently a lot. 

Parsons, a defensive end at Harrisburg (Pa.) High, showed off the new addition to his family via twitter Friday morning when the firestorm hit. 


Parsons announced his new puppy to the world, and the twitter world was quick to lap up the irony of the canine's name, Brutus, which happens to be the name of Ohio State's mascot. The Buckeyes are recruiting Parsons, who visited the campus several times after his commitment to Penn State.


Shortly after the announcement, Parsons suddenly found himself defending his pup, and the choosing of his name.

But for those trying to draw a connection between the dog's name and Parsons' thoughts on his recruitment, well, they are barking up the wrong tree.

Parsons, who will visit Penn State this weekend, came up with the name in an innocent way.

"I looked up dog names (online)," he said.

At least the name did not coincide with other schools Parsons plans to visit. Think of the uproar if the new pooch was named Big Al (Alabama), Tommy or Traveler (USC),  Maize or Blue (Michigan), Uga (Georgia) or Renegade (Florida State).

"The twitter reaction went crazy," Parsons said. "Didn't expect everyone to go crazy over a dog."

Parsons is active on twitter and usually engaging, so rather than bite back, he took all the attention in stride while also enjoying his new companion. 

"The most fun part is training it," Parsons said. "Right now he is a puppy, so he just likes to sleep."

Well, let's hope Brutus enjoyed #NationalNappingDay earlier this week.


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