Tyquan Thornton (Photo by Corey Bender)

Baylor Kicks Things off for 2018 Miami-Based WR Tyquan Thornton

The first two scholarship offers have arrived for rangy 2018 wide receiver and Miami-Dade native, Tyquan Thornton.

Tyquan Thornton entered the day with a track and field offer from LSU, and now has the opportunity to extend his football career after fielding offers from Baylor and Appalachian State, respectively.

Checking in at a rangy 6-foot-3, 165 pounds, Thornton is one of over a dozen Division I prospects at nationally-recognized Miami Booker T. Washington.


"By getting the offer from Baylor, it really opens my eyes even more," Thornton said. "My grind is totally different from others; I have a little one to take care of.

"I feel that Baylor sees the greatness in me that other coaches seem to not have caught yet. I'm very excited to be offered by Baylor."

Baylor is poised to make the Sunshine State more of a priority moving forward, and a large part of that has to do with the presence of Evan Cooper, a South Florida native and the director of player personnel on Matt Rhule's coaching staff.

"Well, first of all, I love the location of Baylor," Thornton said. "Texas has some good weather up there, and I also like Baylor's style of football.

"I know about Corey Coleman, who once played for Baylor. He was a good athlete and one day I hope I can be as good as him or even better."

Thornton says it would be nothing less than a grand slam if a certain in-state school decides to step up with an offer of their own.

"My dream school is the University of Florida," Thornton said. "The reason I like UF so much is because I know some guys that went there and performed at their best, and I feel that I can do the same.

"I also like the campus, and it's not really too far from home."

Thornton has no visits scheduled at this time.

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