Sean Ryan

New York WR Sean Ryan discusses Nebraska, Rutgers and Boston College

Brooklyn Erasmus Hall receiver Sean Ryan is planning trips to Boston College and Nebraska, and he made a recent trip to Rutgers.

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Receiver Sean Ryan made another visit to Rutgers in late February, will be at Boston College on Saturday and will travel with his family to Nebraska for the April 15 spring game.

The 6-foot-4, 190-pounder from Brooklyn Erasmus Hall speaks to each of those schools regularly, and Notre DameGeorgia and Ball State reached out to him lately.

The trip to Nebraska is exciting for Ryan, who is building a strong relationship with receivers coach Keith Williams.

"I talk to coach Williams almost every day," Ryan said. "I send him videos of drills so he can see them. I definitely did a lot of research on those guys. They're a great program, and they throw the ball. Their coach (Mike Riley) is so committed to the team.

"I know in college it's a big business, the coaches are so committed to the players. The players all talk well about the coaches, and they enjoy practice. They are not like, 'Oh, this is just another day.' "

Also, seeing the potential for a sold out spring game is enticing.

"It's always something I wanted to witness, so I finally get to be a part of that," Ryan said. "It should be a great day for me and my family to go somewhere far, that is not home, and see what that is like."

Rutgers offered Ryan long ago, but recently the Scarlet Knights intensified their pursuit of him. 

His main recruiter is assistant coach Bill Busch, but he said receivers coach Jafar Williams and coach Chris Ash are now in contact with him regularly.

"More of the staff there is reaching out," Ryan said. "A while ago, only coach Busch would reach out. Now, I speak to coach Ash all the time. Coach Busch, that's my guy. (Recruiting assistant) coach (Matt) Hewitt and Jafar, they started reaching out. They want me to come camp with them and see more from me, and coach me up a little bit."

During his junior day visit last month, Ryan noticed plenty of changes in the program.

"They're going through the rebuilding, and you can see the change in the school," he said. "One of our guys (Deonte Roberts) is there and I kind of felt him out, and he's really enjoying it. He said it was one of the best places. They always look past football.

"They said things like, 'What are you going to do after football? What are going to do if you don't make it?' That caught my parents' attention."

Boston College also offered Ryan early in the process, and his scheduled trip to campus Saturday to see a spring practice is important.

"I know Boston is a great place, and the (campus) is in a great area," Ryan said. "I know the education is great, too. It is something I want to see. They're great coaches, too. They're really nice."

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