Breakdown: Minnesotra Commit Austin Beier

Minnesota dipped back into Ohio to add their eighth commit to the 2018 recruiting class when they landed Toledo St. Johns guard Austin Beier. What are the Gophers getting with Beier?

WHAT ARE THE STRENGTHS? The thing that stand out most to me about Austin Beier is his intelligence, and the excellent engineering program at Minnesota certainly played a part in his decision. This is a 4.5 student, taking all honors courses at St. Johns. Beier has above average feet and can bend well, so he's going to be an inside player for the Gophers. While not a mauler or brawler type, Beier gets by with technique and intelligence. He is only 260-pounds right now because he plays basketball, but he has the frame to carry 300-pounds. This is not a fat guy the strength and conditioning people will have to break down, and then rebuild. Beier will be someone they love, because he's lean and athletic as heck. 

WHAT ARE THE CONCERNS? When you watch his film, you have to understand that Beier has only been an offensive lineman for one year after previously playing tight end. There is a lot of room for growth as a student of playing guard as much as there is room for physical growth. Beier's best football is yet to come, not what we see on junior film. In three years, Austin Beier is going to be bigger and faster, with a lot more experience playing on the offensive line. This is the type of talent Ed Warinner has taken in the past and turned into All-League performers. 

WHAT ARE THE INTANGIBLES? I know the plan is to play Beier at guard, where his athleticism will stand out, but I love this kid as a center because of his intelligence. He could make every call on the offensive line, and never have a worry of assignments being blown. As a guard, he will be perfect with his ability to pull and get out in front of plays. Beier has played in a great high school program, so he's been taught the game the right way and has faced great competition in Ohio. I believe he will need a redshirt year, but be ready to compete for playing time in his second year in the program. This is a good get for P.J. Fleck and the Gopher program. 

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