Nation's Eighth-Ranked WR Jacob Copeland Expands on Top Five Schools

Jacob Copeland, the nation's 45th-ranked player overall, caught up with Scout to go in-depth on his top five schools.

Jacob Copeland, a Scout 100 receiver, recently served up a top two of Auburn and Florida, but took a step back on Tuesday by expanding that list to five schools.

The nation's 45th-ranked player overall, who now has AlabamaMississippi and Tennessee on his short list, is also slated to arrive in Tuscaloosa late Thursday evening for a multi-day visit with the Crimson Tide.

With plans to reveal his decision at the 2017 Under Armour All-America Game, Copeland also took time out of his schedule to break down each of his five finalists with Scout.

Alabama: "I've had a relationship with them for so long, like since my freshman year. Coach DA (Derrick Ansley), the DBs coach, we have a relationship and he is always real with me. I had to realize that there's more than just football with him. He talks to me all the time.

"He would make sure I'm straight if I was to come there, even if it was life after football. I'm going down there Thursday to watch the scrimmage on Friday, so I'm going to see how they look as far as throwing the ball. They are a national championship team and have a good coaching staff."

Florida: "That was my first big-time offer from any school. I've been a priority for Mac (coach Jim McElwain), and I was the first player that Mac offered from any class. Ever since then, he's always said I'm a priority for him.

"Ever since they started contacting recruits in my class, he's been doing more recruiting than any head coach I've seen. We talk about everything and it's not always about football. It's a good feeling and it feels like home every time I get on campus. My relationship with coach Mac and the whole coaching staff at Florida is good."

Auburn: "What I love about Auburn is that they threw for over 300 yards in their spring game with (Jarrett) Stidham, and he's also going to be there for the next three years. They have the two freshman quarterbacks as well, like Malik Willis.

"Me and (wide receivers) coach (Kodi) Burns, our relationship is so good. He's like a big brother to me and we always talk every day. It's not always about football with him as well. When he comes down to recruit me, he talks with my coaches to make sure everything is straight and gets in contact with the people around me.

"It's more than football with him. If I wasn't to go to Auburn, he'll stay in contact with me and always make sure I'm good."

Tennessee: "Coach (Kevin) Beard, the wide receivers coach, he was at Miami when I first received the offer from Miami. He always keeps it real with me and it's not about football when we talk on the phone, (but) like having a career after college if I didn't make it to the league.

"He's a real coach. Out of all coaches, I feel like he's one coach I can trust no matter what. He didn't want to rush it when he took the job at FIU because he felt like he wouldn't have a chance with me. Once he took the (Tennessee) job, like ever since, he's always kept in touch with me and stuff like that."

Mississippi: "They have a new coach there, (wide receivers) coach Jacob (Peeler). He has had multiple receivers go to the draft, like six receivers over two years. He shows that he knows how to work things with the receivers.

"When he sent me the highlights from the spring game this past weekend, they had 500-600 yards receiving. All of his receivers had between 50-70 yards, and that was impressive. He said out of all the players he's recruiting, he thinks I have something in me that he can bring out of me in order to get me to the next level."

Copeland, the nation's eighth-ranked receiver, is also eyeing a visit with coach Huge Freeze and the Rebels.

Stay tuned to Scout for the latest developments in Copeland's recruitment.

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