East No. 7 QB Nick Patti got an in-depth look at Rutgers on Tuesday

Montvale (N.J.) St. Joseph quarterback Nick Patti recaps his Tuesday visit to Rutgers.

Nick Patti visited Rutgers before but the Montvale (N.J.) St. Joseph quarterback was able to sit down with offensive coordinator Jerry Kill during Tuesday's visit and learn a lot more about the offense.

And the more he took in, the more he liked it.

Kill spoke to Patti about the development of the offense, where he sees it in a few years, the diversity of it and how Patti fits into it.

"I watched what they did last year and what coach Kill is doing with the offense is insane," the 6-foot-3, 195-pound Patti said. "He's doing a 180 with it. He's going out of the gun, out of the pistol, under center. He doing what we do, actually. I see a lot of similarities there, and I think I would be a little ahead of the game when I get there if I go to Rutgers because I know that kind of offense."


Patti, whose offer list includes Rutgers, Boston CollegeToledo and Temple, watched the quarterbacks closely, as well as the offense.

"With coach Kill, depending on who the quarterback is, he changes the offense to fit them," Patti said. "I think that is great. I did a little fact check on him and his offense, every year he puts it out ...he said look at the third year that he's at a school and look at the offense stats like that. I did, and it's incredible."

Patti also liked the focus and work at practice.

"I saw they were running the ball a lot because their quarterbacks and receivers aren't all healthy," he said. "They're missing like four receivers and a tight end so they were focusing on running the ball and they had a good running back. They had like three freshman receivers in there, so it showed me they were getting the younger guys reps and getting them ready for when their time comes."

The visit also included a long discussion with Rutgers coach Chris Ash.

"He was telling me how it's in an area 40 minutes from New York, and the internship opportunities are incredible there and the connections of the alumni (are strong)," Patti said. "They have a life after football program where they have people come in and speak about what life is like after football and how to get jobs, how to prepare yourself for interviews. He said the football program gets you prepared for life.

"He told me the program now is so much different than before he got there because he modeled it after (NFL coach) Pete Carroll and coaches he has been under and he liked what they did, so he made it his own."

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