Ormondell Dingle (Allen Trieu / Scout)

Syracuse strikes first on Cass Tech sophomore

Syracuse was the first to offer Detroit Cass Tech class of 2019 safety Ormondell Dingle, a good-sized prospect who missed most of last season, but has impressed in the spring.

Ormondell Dingle broke his arm the first game of last season and watched from the sidelines as his team won a state title. Now healed up, Dingle is ready to make name for himself, which he has started doing this spring by impressing colleges during in-school workouts and having a good day at last weekend's Under Armour All-America Camp in Cincinnati.

Prior to that camp, Syracuse came to the school and was impressed enough by Dingle's size and athleticism that they offered him a scholarship, his first of the recruiting process.

"It felt good," he said. "It was exciting. I want to visit there and see how it is and see the environment."

Area recruiter Vince Reynolds, a Detroit native, came into the school and he has been the primary point of contact for the Cass Tech recruits.

"I think he is a good guy. He's cool and understands where student-athletes are coming from," he said. "I liked him."

Dingle said the Orange offered him as a nickel. He also said the offer further pushes him to make up for lost time.

"I'm 150% motivated. I want to get out there and show what I can do."


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