Breakdown: Wisconsin QB Commit Chase Wolf

Wisconsin landed the nation's number-36 quarterback Friday when Cincinnati St. Xavier's Case Wolf made his commitment. What are the Badgers getting with Wolf?

WHAT IS THERE TO LIKE? Even though Chase Wolf is a relatively inexperienced signal caller, he looked very good backing up Penn State signee Sean Clifford. Wolf plays for one of the top talent producing high schools in the Midwest, and he plays in big games on a weekly basis. He has a strong, accurate arm, and while he isn't Michael Vick, he can escape trouble in the pocket. Wolf has great poise and makes excellent decisions, and those traits will only improve with more game action. Had he not backed up Clifford, he might be ranked higher and have more offers. Credit the Wisconsin staff for recognizing Wolf's talents and recruiting him hard from the jump. 

WHAT ARE THE CONCERNS? Basically, there are no concerns with Chase Wolf because I think what we see is what Wisconsin is going to get. Some might worry about the fact that he has been a backup to Clifford, but Wolf showed last year that he is probably just as talented, but his high school went with the older player. Some might also question the arm strength, but with a few years of added strength and natural maturity, Wolf's arm is fine. He gets rid of it on time and gets it to the right receiver, and that trumps arm strength every day of the week. Brandon Weeden has a stronger arm than Tom Brady. Which one do you want? 

WHAT ARE THE INTANGIBLES? So much of recruiting is finding the right fit, and Chase Wolf fits the Wisconsin program perfectly. He is perfectly suited to run the Badger offense, and will not find the transition a difficult one at all. Wolf has great intelligence and field awareness, so he just might be able to see the field early with Wisconsin. Again, he plays in such an advanced program at St. Xavier that the college learning curve won't be as difficult as it might be for quarterbacks coming from lesser programs. 

WHAT ABOUT THE RANKING? Allen Trieu and I have talked often about Chase Wolf, and he is certainly eligible to be moved up in the rankings with the expected big senior season. A move to four-star status is not out of the question at all, and we just want to see him as a senior running his team. 

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