Israel Isuman-Hundley (© Greg Powers)

Get to Know The Nigerian Phenom 2019 DE Israel Isuman-Hundley

Recruiting fans better lock in the name of Israel Isuman-Hundley, who is a phenom playing defensive end from Argyle (Texas) Liberty Christian....

Class of 2019 defensive end Israel Isuman-Hundley is one of the top physical freaks we have seen throughout the country this spring. 

The Nigerian born 6-foot-6-230-pound phenom has a scary upside, because he is just getting started playing the game, but that did not stop him from recently picking up his first scholarship offer. 

Israel Isuman-Hundley (© Greg Powers)

"Baylor University offered me last week," Isuman-Hundley said. "I was pretty excited, because they give me motivation to work harder, because they believed in me and that will push me to work even harder.

It really means a lot to me, since they believed in me and offered me. That gives me more strength that I can do it. I know that if I go to D1 and play football I will do my best, because I do not like losing." 

"They watched me at practice the whole time," Isuman-Hundley continued. "I was pretty excited, but when we are at practice I was just trying to do my own thing and give my best effort every single time."

Isuman-Hundley is such an impressive specimen that people were mistaking him for a coach or parent when the Argyle Liberty Christian showed up to compete at an OL/DL Strong Man Challenge last Saturday. 

After talking with the up and coming defender we uncovered his unusual path to the gridiron. 

"I came here to play basketball," Isuman-Hundley explained. "I was playing for Team Texas my eighth and ninth grade year and the Liberty Christian football coach saw me and told me that I have pretty good height to play football, I was like no sir I don't know if I like football that much, but he said come out and try and see if you like it. I told him okay sir, I will come out and try my best...

So the next day we were running and he said hey Israel do you want to catch this ball, and I was like yes of course, so they threw the ball too me and I broke my pinkie, so it was terrible the very first day I broke my pinkie."

But it would be a quick change to the defensive side of the football that would ultimately flip the switch for Isuman-Hundley. 

"I was playing wide receiver, but I really didn't have good hands," Isuman-Hundley said. "So they put me at D-end and after my first D-end practice I just fell in love with it. It is just easy for the D-end to rush the quarterback."

Isuman-Hundley, who has yet to play a varsity football rep, is also already hearing from Oklahoma State, and it will only be a matter of time before he is a national name with offers flowing in from coast-to-coast.

For now he is just taking it day-by-day, but he does have a camp lined up with OSU this summer.  

"They are really interested in me and I am very excited to go to the camp," Isuman-Hundley reported.

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