Max Nall (Brandon Huffman)

QB Max Nall Throws For Several

Seattle (Wash.) Rainier Beach quarterback Max Nall had a number of schools drop in to see him throw this spring...

Seattle (Wash.) Rainier Beach quarterback Max Nall made the transition from Garfield to his new surroundings at Rainier Beach.

"It has gone pretty smooth and it has been fun getting to know everyone," said Nall.  "We have a good team dynamic and it's been pretty smooth for me because I've been spending a lot of time with those guys, building that relationship.  I've played 7v7 with a lot of them so it feels like I've been spending time with them for months."

Nall is still waiting for his first offer but a few schools have showed more interest of late.

"We've had numerous schools come through, UtahWashington and Sacramento State but I've been talking the most with Air ForceNavy and Hawaii."

Nall is Hawaiian and the Warriors have long been a dream school for him.

"If I get Hawaii, I'm committing," said Nall.  "They're my dream school, I love the overall package of the school, I have family there and their offense is incredible."

But he's also going to consider the service academics if they offer.

"I like the structure there and how it shapes you at Air Force and Navy," said Nall.

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