Nebraska in Lousiana lineman's top 5

Solid as an oak and fleet-footed may be the way to sum up Ernest Jones abilities. He played right tackle last year for his high school team. He could project to play tackle or even guard in college. Expect Jones to become very popular in the recruiting world.

Few are more popular right now than Ernest Jones. Ernest hails from New Orleans (LA) St. Augustine high school where he was the only junior that started on his team's offensive line.

"I didn't get a lot of honors last year," Jones said. "It was an honor to be the only starter on the offensive line that was a junior in itself. That is pretty big for my school. Usually only seniors start on my team."

Last years stats weren't tracked through the entire season for Jones and his team. He estimates that he graded out at around 92% and averaged three or four pancakes per game. Schools are taking notice of Jones already.

"I receive the most mail from Nebraska, Oklahoma, Auburn, and Ole Miss really. I don't have any offers yet. Most of the letters really say that they'll be watching me this fall to evaluate me."

This summer Jones plans to attend as many offensive line camps as he possibly can. He will be trying to attend the LSU Nike camp as well as the offensive line camp at Ole Miss for starters.

What may be the biggest benefit for teams evaluating Jones may be his mobility for a guy his size. Ernest actually feels that his strongest position may be tackle due to his mobility, feet and strength.

"My biggest strength playing offensive line is my technique. I try to concentrate on playing well, not making mistakes and try to make the big play. It really has to do with my coaching."

This summer Ernest is going to work on getting stronger. His goal is to be the best offensive lineman that he can be at his position.

When it comes to making his decision about where he will attend school he has some ideas on what he is looking for. "I'm going to looka t the tradition that the school has. I'll look at the academics, the team and the location. I don't want to go too far from home."

"Distance will plat a little into my decision. If it's worth it I'll go to a school a little further away."

"Nebraska isn't too far away. They're in my top five. I am giving three schools that are close to me that I would really consider attending. Those are Tulane, LSU and Ole Miss. They two that I would really consider going away for at Nebraska and Oklahoma."

Jones isn't totally unfamilar with Nebraska. He claims that television broadcasting brings Nebraska football games into his house three to four times a season. There may be another reason or two Nebraska is standing out.

"I have a cousin that went there to walk on. His name was Brandon Thomas. He was only there on the team for a couple of semesters though. He really liked it there. I also have some friends that talk to me about Nebraska because they follow the team."

Ernest will be a hot commodity this summer and only expect his stock to rise as the word really begins to spread about his combine performance.

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