UCLA's Skills Camp

There were about 100 participants in UCLA's Skills Camp Saturday on campus, and a handful of guys that UCLA will probably pursue seriously, including running back <b>Lonyae Miller</b>, athlete <b>R.J. Stanford</b> and wide receiver <b>Daniel Lofton</b>...

If you had to narrow it down to the three best prospects at UCLA's Skills Camp on Saturday, it would be Daniel Lofton, the wide receiver from San Diego Westview; running back/athlete R.J. Stanford from Chino High, and running back Lonyae Miller from Fontana Kaiser.

Stanford ran the best 40 of the day, coming in at 4.5 flat, on notoriously slow (or maybe accurate) Spaulding Field (a 4.5 on Spaulding is easily at a low 4.4 at any Nike Camp). Stanford worked out with the running backs and looked particularly quick and shifty, running a 4.3 20-yard shuttle also. He's only about 175 pounds and his build is a little slight, but he is about 6-0, which might make him a better cornerback than anything else.

Lonyae Miller, who was 5-10 and about 190, took the prize as the best physical specimen of the day. He stripped down to his underwear to run his 40 so we got a good look at his cut torso. He clocked a 4.63 in the 40, which was among the best of the day. In the drills, his combination of speed and power and good feet was impressive. Physically he's so broad in his upper body and so well-built he looks much taller than 5-10. It was clear that the UCLA coaches were also impressed with Miller.

Lofton was very impressive all day. He is a very nice, fluid-looking athlete, running a 4.62 in the 40, and looking to be about 6-1 and 180ish. He was easily the best receiver of the day, running the most precise routes with the best technique, while also displaying good hands.

Among the quarterbacks, there wasn't much that would get UCLA excited. Chandler Clemons, participated, and he did throw a nice ball but he's possibly 5-11 and 175 pounds. Also possibly falling into the too-slight category was Mike Herrick from Valencia. Herrick is about 6-0 and very narrow-shouldered. He threw okay, but has a short, quick motion compared to Clemons' more natural mechanics.

Really you couldn't see UCLA pursuing either aggressively unless they grew and filled out physically.

On the other hand, there were a couple of guys who looked the part physically but just didn't have the tools. Jeff Jansen of Diamond Bar and Michael Coughlin of Mira Mesa were both about 6-4ish, and threw decent balls, but looked slow-footed and not athletic enough.

After Miller and Stanford, easily the most noteworthy among the running backs at the camp was Chane Moline from Mission Viejo. If you look at Moline as a tailback, he didn't test greatly, running a 4.9 40, and looking just moderately quick in the drills. But if you look at him as a fullback, he is impressive, especially showing some nice pass-catching ability in the one-on-ones. On one play he threw his defender to the ground on an out before catching an overthrown ball nicely.

While Lofton looked to be the best receiver prospect, UCLA commit Dominique Johnson from Moreno Valley Valley View participated. Johnson looked to be about 6-3 and close to 200 pounds. He ran a 4.78 40, and looked a bit slow-footed in the drills, including the one-on-ones. He did make a comeback in the one-on-one drills, showing some nice pass-catching skills, with some big, soft hands.

Menelik Holt, from San Diego St. Augustine, is another big receiver, probably about 6-4 and 200-plus pounds. Holt had decent quickness for his size, and ran a 4.9 40. It'd be interesting to see Holt as a linebacker, with his nice, wide frame.

One of the best raw athletes on Saturday was De la Shaun Dean from Fairfield. Dean looked to be about 6-4, and probably 190. He had long, smooth strides, and ran a 4.55 40 and one of the best shuttles of the day at 4.25. Dean was pretty raw in his pass-catching and route-running skills, and could possibly be better suited as a safety.

Idah Uzoma, another nice-looking athlete from Rolling Hills Palos Verdes Peninsula, ran a 4.62 and looked fairly smooth in the drills, looking to be about 6-0 and 190ish.

There wasn't really a clear-cut elite prospect among the tight ends in camp. John Reese, a 6-4, 225-pounder from Upland, probably has the best chance among the seniors-to-be, with some decent quickness and hands. Perhaps the best prospect was also from Upland, sophomore (junior-to-be) Devin Mahina, who looked to be about 6-5 and 220.

The standout linebacker was Jamarr Robinson from Fairfield, who came in at 6-3 and 240. He ran a 4.9 40, but ran smoothly, and showed good quickness and instincts for his size in the drills.

J.J. Kulusich, from San Jose Valley Christian, looked to be about 6-1 and 225ish. He ran pretty well and had decent instincts in the drills.

An intriguing player was Alex Parsons, from Irvine Woodbridge. Parsons was probably 6-4 and 240, and for a linebacker was a bit slow-footed. But for a potential defensive lineman, you would say he was pretty quick. Considering him as a DL, he then looked pretty good in the one-on-one drills, doing a decent job of staying with running backs in coverage.

There were a few defensive backs to watch. Ryan McFoy from Chino High was about 6-1 to 6-2 and 195, and looked like a potentially nice safety. He ran a 4.75 40, and a 4.4 shuttle, which was good for the day. He had a good body, one that looked like it could easily continue to fill out. In the drills, he looked to have the quickness to stay with receivers in coverage.

Al Verner from Mayfair was intriguing. At about 5-10 and 165, he looked pretty slight still. He ran a 4.7 in the 40, but then showed good quickness and instincts in the drills as a potential cornerback.

Wes Davis from Steele Canyon, is someone to know. He was about 6-1 and 180, and was aggressive in coverage in the one-on-ones, looking like a potentially nice safety prospect.

A few others were Chapelle Brown, a 5-10 corner from Los Altos; 5-10 Brian Hunter from Charter Oak; 6-0 Maxwell Lacy from Marshall High, and 6-0 Keith Thompson from Monache.

Recruiting stories on some of these players and a rundown on Sunday's lineman's camp are coming soon...

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