Reynolds: "I try to be a leader on the floor"

Herndon, Va. guard Scott Reynolds breaks down his game and talks about his recent commitment to Oklahoma. Reynolds, who is ranked as the 42nd best junior in the nation by, chose the Sooners over Michigan and N.C. State. He averaged 33 points per game last season.

On Tuesday, the Oklahoma men's basketball team earned a verbal commitment from Scott Reynolds, a 6-foot-1 guard from of Herndon, Va., who is the 42nd best junior in the country according to the Scout Network.

And on Wednesday, Reynolds joined me and Bob Barry Jr. on the Sports Animal to talk about his commitment to the Sooners.

BBJ: Tell us about your decision to commit to Oklahoma?

SR: "I have been thinking about it for a little while now. Once Damion (James) committed I knew that I was going to commit. I knew him from ABCD camp out in New Jersey when he was on my all-star team and we kind of talked then. Damion made the decision about a week and a half ago, then Monday he called me and said that I needed to go ahead and make the decision and that we need to get this thing (OU) rolling.

"Tuesday came and he emailed me and he asked me if I was going to pull the trigger, and I said that I didn't know. Then yesterday evening I decided that I am going to be an Oklahoma Sooner. I called him to tell him the news and he was real excited. I hope everybody in Norman and those that follow the Oklahoma program are excited."

JH: Scottie, Talk about you game. You are a point guard with a scoring mentality aren't you?

SR: "I am not your traditional point guard. I guess you could say that, but having a guy like Damion and Longar Longar on the break means I am going to give it up to them. I am very unselfish, but I guess you can say that I am a scoring guy because I can shoot the ball real well. I like to push it and create an up-tempo style of basketball. If a man is open, I will give it up to him. I try to be a leader on the floor."

BBJ: What do you average scoring per game?

SR: "I average 33 points per game and I had a high game of 53. That was against Vernon Macklin's (a 6-9 power forward from Portsmouth, Va.) team, and he is on my Boo Williams team right now. That game was fun because I knew who I was playing against and it was a big day for me."

JH: Didn't you recently play in a prestigious AAU Tournament where you played against Damion James and his team?

SR: "Yes, that is correct. My Boo Williams team is my summer league team and we ended up winning the Boo Williams Invitational last weekend, and we ended up playing Damion's team in the championship. It was a lot of fun to play against Damion. He killed us, but we came through and won the championship."

JH: How much did you and Damion score?

SR: "Damion probably had 25 and I had something like 15, or a little more. He is a great player and it was a great game, up and down. It was a lot of fun for me."

BBJ: Were you thinking all along that you wanted to get recruiting out of the way or were you influenced by Damion's decision?

SR: "The main reason that I committed this early is that now people are going to see that players like me and Damion are going to Oklahoma. They are going to say that Oklahoma has it going and if I play well that will be a positive image for Oklahoma Sooner basketball.

"I think that will just help our recruiting class in the future. So far our class with me and Damion in it is a pretty good group, but we are looking to get one or two others. It is a lot of fun right now and I am going to do all I can to help Oklahoma recruit."

JH: You do score a lot of points, but you do so even though you get your team involved. I have not seen many point guards that can control a game like you can. How will that translate to the University of Oklahoma?

SR: "I think that Coach Sampson is a great coach and when he has a player that can make plays and make things happen, he is not going to downplay that. He is going to let them go out there and do what they do best. He is not going to hold a player back from doing that. I looked at the situation and they are really impressed with my game and they want me to be a part of Oklahoma Sooner Basketball and its future. I was just taken by surprise how Coach Sampson and his coaches handled themselves."

BBJ: Who did you choose Oklahoma over?

SR: "I looked hard at Michigan. Tommy Amaker is from this area and I knew his high school coach. He came around a lot and it was tough telling him last night that I wasn't going to Michigan, despite the fact that we have a great relationship. N.C. State was also in the mix and along with Oklahoma. Those three schools showed me a lot of love. Oklahoma was just the school that came out on top."

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