Back From NU, Did Walton Enjoy His Trip?

Flying out with A.J. Wallace was a large young man from the same state – J.B. Walton. The highly coveted recruit was one of many who tripped to Lincoln to watch the Cornhuskers take on the Sooners and we were able to find out his thoughts on the game along with what he experienced afterwards and how he ranked the trip overall.

With Nebraska's offensive line woes, depth is obviously an immediate issue and J.B. Walton could help fill some of those rather large cleats. Walton was in town to take in Nebraska's 2005 match up with rival Oklahoma and was rather stunned by the reception he was given. We walked down the tunnel and everyone knew our names. I even signed a couple of autographs. The experience was overwhelming," he said.

Walton's impression of Nebraska's attitude opened his eyes a bit towards the direction of the program and the feelings this team has. "They started off rough when Oklahoma jumped on them and then at half, they came back. I could see it was like a different team and the score started evening out. There's a lot of heart and they don't give up. They kept fighting until the end and I like that because some teams give up, but I enjoyed the attitude they had," Walton commented.

J.B. said that his favorite part of the trip was just getting to know the Cornhusker team off the field. "I enjoyed hanging out with the players, getting to talk to them about the game. A couple were upset but I could see a lot of character on that team and nobody was pointing fingers. My host was Greg Austin and I spent most of my day with him after the game. He's a great guy, he plays the same position I did and he did really well," said Walton. He also commented that Austin and he clicked a bit during his time spent in Lincoln.

Looking at other possible visits, J.B. reports that he'd like to take one or two more just to gauge what else is out there. One possible visit is to Florida State with other schools to be determined.

With the Nebraska trip in the books, we asked Walton where it ranked overall on the 1-10 scale. "I'd say a 9. (I enjoyed) the comfort, we went over academics and that they're ranked #1 in the nation for Academic All-Americans, which surprised me. The facilities are nice, too," Walton said.

J.B. reports that the visit ties Nebraska with Penn State naming those schools his co-leaders at this time saying that there were pros and cons to each school, but he enjoyed the vast majority of each.

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