East coast LB could unofficially visit NU

As Nebraska could have it's best group of linebackers in years, the call goes out to those linebackers, who will be able to fill the enormous void when these studs depart. That's going to happen sooner than you think, so expect Nebraska to try and get as many as they can this year. One they are looking at fits the mold of their linebackers in that he's fast, physical and aggressive. Pat Lazear likes to make a statement and he doesn't mind who has to pay for that message to ring loud and clear.

I suppose it's cliché' when you talk about a defensive players' mentality. It's that mind-set that describes a player, who will do whatever he needs to do to make a play in a game. Bethesda, Maryland's Pat Lazear is like that and even if he's not in on that play, someone is going to figure out the message he's trying to send.

"I'm aggressive, I know that," Pat said of his playing style. "Even if I'm not in on the actual tackle, I'm going to find a lineman or someone I can knock on their @#%$. I guess it's just so they know where I am at and so they know they can't come my way."

Offenses figured that out plenty last year, the All-Met, All-State, All-Conference, All-County and All-League linebacker knocking plenty of people on their @#%$. Whether it was running backs, tight ends or receivers, Lazear blasted them for over 100 tackles on the season and he did it to quarterbacks a total of 12 times behind the line of scrimmage.

So, he's got the numbers to back up his message, but he's got written offers too.

Recently Ohio State and Clemson added themselves to the list of those having offered in writing. And later today Lazear said that he expects the University of Florida to follow suit. When it comes to two of those three, that's good news to Pat. "Well, I don't have any real favorites, but that offer from Ohio State pushed them up there for sure and that offer from Florida will rank them real high on my list," he said.

While there may be a slight favoring, Lazear said that he'll be checking a lot of schools out over the summer. With the intent of committing before the season and potentially enrolling early, this isn't a decision he wants to prolong.

The schools he plans to visit are Ohio State in a few weeks, Florida sometime this summer, with a flight expected to place at some point, so he can stop by and see both Oklahoma and Nebraska and he might be able to make a trip and see N.C. State. You can throw Georgia and Alabama in there as favorites, but he's seen the Bulldogs and Tide already.

As for what he's looking for, the answer is obvious in some respects, but Lazear keeps things pretty simple in that he wants the good academics, of course, but he wants a defense that fits him to a tee. "I like to be able to run around and make plays," Pat said. "I think I will play middle, but I can play outside if I have to."

Lazear said that there are some schools amongst that group, most specifically Nebraska, which is recruiting him to take a shot at running back, in addition to what he's slated to do on defense.

Based on the over 1,000 yards he got, scoring 18 times as a junior, and at his particular size, you can see that to.

Pat sees it, but he's got a pretty good grasp on what he'll be doing in the future. "It will probably be linebacker for me," he said. "I like both, but that's where most schools are recruiting me and that's really where I see myself making the biggest impact in college."

There's no specific date for when these unofficial visits are to take place, but Pat said of the teams mentioned above, he's almost certain he's going to visit them all. After that, hopefully not long after, he's going to have a decision, so he can look forward to worrying only about his senior season of ball.

"It's just something I don't want to deal with," Pat said of the distractions with recruiting. "That way I know where I am going and I can just concentrate on football."

We'll keep in touch with Lazear throughout the off-season as he takes his visits, update you on reactions following the ones he takes and, of course, we'll keep you up-to-date on just when he'll be making it into Lincoln as the Huskers try to fill the void at linebacker, before the void even arrives.

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