Two lead for two-sport standout

Many don't know that one of the more talented players in the "Show Me" state has changed schools. The reason? To be with his twin for his senior year. He has spent the better part of the summer playing basketball averaging over 20 points a game, but when he had time he would be working out with his new quarterback.

It had to be a heck of a summer for Rolandis Woodland from Fenton (Mo.) Rockwood Summit. Technically the summer is over and the work for the season has begun. His move from St. Louis Lutheran though prompted work all summer between Woodland and his new quarterback.

"We had two a days today," Woodland said. "They don't give us a lot of time off, but me and the quarterback have been doing a lot of extra work. I transferred and our quarterback and I really aren't used to one another. We have to get our timing down and things like that."

That brings up the question why would a person change schools before their senior year? For Woodland, it was for the biggest and the right reason. He was going to walk through his senior year and graduation with his twin.

"We moved to my new school so I could graduate with my sister. I have a twin sister and I have never been able to be there for her or with here all throughout high school. I decided in my senior year I needed to spend it with my sister."

"Had my old school, which was a private school, let my sister in I would have stayed. They didn't allow her to enroll. It was kind of crazy."

Woodland was a standout on the football field and the basketball court. About 70% of all of the catches that Woodland made last year were for touchdowns and he averaged well over 30 yards per catch.

"At Lutheran last year I had 14 receptions for 500 yards and 10 touchdowns. I also play basketball. I have played 4 years in AAU for the Eagles and play small forward. I averaged 22 points and seven rebounds per game this summer."

If a decision has to be made to Woodland he does prefer one sport over the other. However, the idea may be to see if he can take on both sports and not put himself in a compromising situation when it comes to getting his degree and getting good grades.

"I really prefer playing football. I would play both in college if my work that is required in the classroom and in the other sport allows me to. I have to keep up and not fall behind."

There are four offers on the table currently for Woodland. Out of those four he is really favoring two. "I have offers from Nebraska, Minnesota, Michigan State and Missouri for football. I would say that Nebraska and Michigan State were my favorites right now."

"I like Nebraska because they are a passing team. They used to be a real hard nosed running football team, but I know Coach Bill Callahan is a really good coach and is very experienced. Coach Kevin Cosgrove is recruiting me from there."

"I have looked into a visit to Nebraska, but I wasn't really sure when I could. I need to look at making an official visit there. They will be my first visit, then to Michigan State, then to Minnesota and I think that Tennessee wanted me to come down there."

"Nebraska has spoke to me about playing both sports. If I can I really would like to. Like I said, I will do it if I can swing it. I would play both sports."

"Michigan State has a great coach and a great team. They are well established in the passing game and the running game as well. The basketball coach said that he has had some guys play football and basketball before in the past and says that he thought I could do it."

When it comes to this decision Woodland is looking to be comfortable at the schools that he decides to attend. "I want to feel at home. I want to feel like I am in a trusting environment. It's really something that I will get from taking the visits."

While it isn't formally scheduled, Woodland does know where and when he would like to take his first visit. "I plan on taking my first one right after my first game of the season. That will be to Nebraska. That will be on September 1 to Nebraska. That is what I hope to do. That will be an official."

Woodland does think that he would like to take all of his visits before making a decision. However, there could be a situation at one school that just hits home. At that point, he feels he could talk to his mom and probably come to an early decision.

"I really think that I will take all of my visits. But, if I feel comfortable with a schools and I feel that it's time to do it, I will talk with my mom and if we decide that it's right then I will commit."

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