ASU is the Place to Be for Ferguson

It was on his official visit that Redlands (Calif.) East Valley linebacker Andre Ferguson (6-3, 210) knew that Arizona State was the place for him. So Sunday night, Ferguson called the ASU staff and sealed the deal on something two weeks in the making.

"I was there about two weeks ago and on my second day, I knew that I wanted to commit," said Ferguson. "Coach Osborne has been recruiting me and he was the one I called." Ferguson's decision to commit to the Sun Devils involved several factors, first and foremost, his comfort with the coaching staff.

"The coaches were a big part of it," said Ferguson. "I get along real good with them. I know that they and the players will be there for you whenever you need them." Ferguson had planned to take an official visit to San Diego State and was in the process of setting up a trip with Colorado State, but the commitment to the Sun Devils trumped those trips.

"I'm solid so I'm not taking any more trips," said Ferguson.

When he arrives in Tempe next summer, he'll be reunited with former REV teammate Lance Evbouwman, a freshman tight end for the Sun Devils. "When I went out there for my trip, he was coming back so I didn't get to see him, but I talked with him and he told me who to talk with and they were real cool. He was keeping me posted all the time about what was going out here and letting me know," said Ferguson. "That wasn't a big factor in my decision, him being there, but its cool."

It will also pit him against his current teammate Ronnie Fouch, a quarterback who has given Washington a commitment. "He was joking with me and said I should have gone to Washington and thought it over. If he's playing, for that split second, I'll have to hit him, but I'll help him up," joked Ferguson.

The proximity to home also was a bonus in Ferguson's decision, with the distance between Redlands and Tempe a five hour drive on the 10 freeway. "My family was happy that I committed," said Ferguson. "I'm kind of relieved too. Now I can just go out there and play football and not worry about scouts watching me. I can just get back to playing."

REV is 3-3 on the season and plays at Fontana High this weekend. Ferguson is averaging 11 tackles a game for the Wildcats.

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