Alabama DE Visits Death Valley

This standout defensive end from Alabama has recently picked up several new offers including one from the Tigers as teams have reviewed highlights from his outstanding senior season. Could the talented defender be the bandit the Tigers have been searching for in this class?

DE Byron Clear Profile

6-6, 220 pound defensive end prospect Byron Clear traveled to Death Valley this past Saturday with his father and his brother.

"We loved it. It was kind of the same atmosphere as the Alabama-Auburn game," Clear said of his trip. "It was amazing to see that many people. Clemson is a nice college town. I really enjoyed the atmosphere. It was great. It was an amazing game to watch."

The crowd was everything Clear expected and then some.

"Our coach's son was offered by Clemson," said Clear. "His name was Ryan Pugh and he told us it was similar to Auburn. It was amazing to see the fans stand on the hill the whole game. The fans were so intense. I have never seen anything like it. It would be fun to play in that kind of atmosphere."

Byron's father also enjoyed the trip to Clemson.

"We ended up leaving early because we had to drop someone at the airport," Mr. Clear said. "It was awesome. The crowd was fantastic. The facilities were great, especially the new section where we sat."

Where does Clemson stand after the visit?

"They are right up there at top," Byron responded. "I will take an official visit to Clemson to get a better feel for the school. I want to see what it would be like to be a student, not just a football player."

The Hoover (Ala.) standout also says he knows of four schools that will get official visits.

"Right now I plan to visit Clemson, Stanford, Vanderbilt and Illinois. The other school is still iffy right now.

"Clemson just offered two weeks ago. Illinois just offered today. As soon as I sent my film out it has been great. I have picked up offers from several of the schools that I sent tapes.

"I have just been playing football for two years. It is great to be among the kids that have played football all their lives. I am just honored to have the opportunity," added Clear. Clemson assistant coach Dabo Swinney is recruiting the talented athlete for the Tigers.

"When he came down two weeks ago we had a great talk," Clear said. "He just told me about the program. He said they are also interested in my brother. He was really persuasive. He told me they are really interested in me coming to Clemson to play the rush end. He said I could easily put on another 20 pounds and come in and be a force off the end. I paid a lot of attention to the rush end during the game. Wherever they want me to play I will play. I just want a chance to use my talents."

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