Josh Dworaczyk's Diary: Day 2

LSU commitment Josh Dworaczyk is spending the week in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., for the Offense-Defense All-American Bowl. The big 6-6, 270 pound offensive tackle will be doing a daily diary with Tiger Rag to let LSU fans know the ins and outs of his experience.

This is what Josh had to say about his second full day of practice and he also gave a little update on how the other LSU commitments and some other players of interest are doing.


Josh Dworaczyk

Jan. 1, 2006


Today went good. We are kind of putting some stuff together here and there but still kind of slow as far as working on a unit with the offensive line but we are getting there. It's not all going to happen in one day but we are getting there. Everybody's been pretty on with the quarterbacks and receivers. DeAngelo (Benton) finally showed up and he's looked good. Our defense, though, man they are fast. We ran the 1's vs. 1's and they were filling holes left and right. It definitely feels like we are practicing against All-Americans. I'm still alternating with (Darius) Weems and Jarvis (Jones) on the line. The way we're working right now is they both go in and then after two plays I go in on the right side and then after two plays he comes back in and then I go to the left side. We each do four plays and I'm also deep-snapping right now. My arm is a little sore because I haven't done that in a while but they have a guy who played deep snapper and offensive tackle in the NFL and he came in and worked with me today. That was a real good experience.


All of the guys going to LSU and the ones that are still getting looked at, we have all been hanging out and getting pretty close. We spend a lot of time together and are having a lot of fun. Everyone seems to be doing really well and showing why they are here.


DeAngelo Benton – From what I've seen, I haven't seen him drop a ball yet. The ball sticks like glue. He looks real smooth.


Dez Bryant – I've been getting to be pretty good friends with him and he still hasn't decided and we've been talking about LSU. He has some serious skills. He has some of the best hands I've seen.


Jarrett Lee – The first play we ran today in 1's vs. 1's was where he threw a long pass about 45 yards behind everybody where the receiver caught it and it would have went for a touchdown but the coaches blew the whistle. He's definitely the best thrower out of all the quarterbacks and he is working with the 1's. I'm pretty sure he is going to get the start. He has a real strong arm and he runs the option pretty well. He ran the option one time and he threw a move on a guy and picked up another five or six yards.


Chad Jones – He just amazes me. It just looks effortless with him. He runs around here and there. He is playing safety and he made a play behind the scrimmage today where he was so fast and I couldn't believe it was him.


Jarvis Jones – I didn't think he was 6-7 before but we were back to back to back today and I'm 6-6 and he was about an inch taller than me. He only weighs 255 but he is good. We've talked about his situation and he said that his mom wants him to stay closer to home but from talking to him I think he wants to kind of get away.


We're about to go watch some football so I'll talk to you tomorrow.

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