USAAB Day Two: West AM Practice Blog

Check back throughout the day for frequent updates from the morning practice for the West for the U.S. Army All-American Game as they enter Day Two of practice for the game on Saturday...

1:05- The staff has been doing a good job of getting each of the quarterbacks a similar amount of reps. They've got each of them doing the quarterback sneak, leaving nothing to chance. The downside is that there has been somewhat of a lack of continuity in the offense, with players having to adjust to the different speeds of each of the quarterbacks.

1:00- Ryan Mallett just hit Terrance Toliver for a 24-yard touchdown pass. It was more Toliver than Mallett. He adjusts so well to the ball and really has savvy at the receiver position. Following the touchdown, Chris Galippo blocked the PAT. To celebrate, Galippo did a chest bump with another defender. That defender happened to be mammoth tackle Simi Fili, who sent Galippo back about 10 feet.

12:55- Niles Paul has become a favorite target in the dumpoff pass, but for the third time, he took a big hit, this time it was Donovan Warren laying the wood. Paul keeps bouncing up each time, though.

12:50- Brian Price just blew past Kris O'Dowd to nail John Clay in the backfield for a loss. The next play, Jimmy Clausen hit Terrance Toliver for a 20-yard gain on a rollout.

12:47- Nick Fanuzzi and John Clay had an poor exchange on a handoff and Everson Griffen pounced on it for the recovery. Fanuzzi's next play was a pass to Niles Paul, but Marshall Jones tagged him immediately. Jones is having an outstanding practice.

12:45- For the first time this week, they're doing live 11-on-11 in full pads, and the down markers are out. Ryan Mallett missed on his first two throws, both to Ron Brooks, but showed nice nimble feet evading the pass rush. His third pass was his first completion, a dumpoff to Niles Paul, who was sent to the air via a hit at the feet by Curtis Brown.

12:35- The West will likely be auditioning longsnappers all week, as the snap to the punter continues to be a problem.

12:30- The linemen, quarterbacks and running backs are doing an inside drill down on the south endzone and it was getting loud and spirited but just like that, they hit a wall.

12:27- Matt Romine has the best technique of any offensive linemen. He is like watching a coaching clinic and is so fundamentally sound.

12:25- Simi Fili has seemed to finally get his helmet to work. He had trouble with it all morning. Fili, ever the character, was working in the one-on-one's against the OL and after taking a blow to the head but making it past his counterpart, yelled "Hey, my helmet works"! He promptly celebrated by doing the Haka for the linemen.

12:20- With the skill position guys running 7-on-7 on one end, the offensive and defensive linemen are going at it on the other side of the field and the two line coaches are having fun with it. There is a lot of give-and-take between the two

12:15- John Chiles just made a brilliant one-handed catch on a nicely thrown ball by Nick Fanuzzi. The play before, Chris Galippo batted a Ryan Mallett pass down and came off to the sidelines with a big smile on his face saying "Wow, I think I broke my finger,". He was kidding.

12:10- The quarterbacks are making it a point to find Terrance Toliver. He's easily the best with the ball in his hands and he's passing up easier routes to run more difficult routes and making it look smooth.

12:07- One of the coaches for the West, Bob Jones from Oklahoma, is no longer calling Jimmy Clausen "Clausen", instead he keeps referring to him as "California".

12:05- Before they prepare to really get after it, the West is on the sidelines eating grapes, bananas and drinking Gatorade. Kind of looks like a youth soccer game at halftime. All that is missing is the orange slices.

11:58-Ryan Mallett just threw a pretty 40-yard pass to Terrance Toliver, who made a nice adjustment on the ball to make the catch over Stefoin Francois.

11:54- John Chiles is getting into the flow on offense. Ryan Mallett threw a deep ball to Chiles, though it was underthrown a bit. Ahmad Paige is on the sidelines working out a cramp in his calf.

11:47- Simi Fili finally came on to the field for practice. It's uncertain what caused the delay.

11:45- Because he has to handle all three of the kicking duties, a question will be how much longer will it be before David Green's leg tires out.

11:40- Nick Fanuzzi's release point continues to be still too low. It's almost a 3/4 release instead of a full one. We'll watch to see if it improves over the week.

11:35- The offensive linemen are doing drills that are involving brooms. Brooms on a football field isn't something you see every day. The purpose of the brooms is to use them like a golfer would in warming up, to keep their backs straightened and to balance their bodies more.

11:27- Myles Wade and John Chiles, who were both banged up a bit yesterday, are both dressed out and will practice some today, though how much is uncertain. Chiles spent extra time trying to get loose this morning.

11:25- Ryan Mallett has improved on his punting, getting better hang time. Tray Allen is running mini-routes with the skill guys, going one-on-one with Terrance Toliver.

11:20- Jimmy Clausen and Ryan Mallett are warming up together. Clausen, a Notre Dame commit, is giving some ribbing to Mallett, a Michigan pledge, by humming "Hail To The Victors" a day after the Wolverines Rose Bowl loss.

11:15- The linemen are getting their morning drills going, the QB's are working on snaps and drops and the punting game is being worked on. David Green and Ryan Mallett are the two punters for the West, Green the obvious #1. Stefoin Francois, Joe McKnight, Niles Paul, Donovan Warren, Curtis Brown and Michael Williams are working as returners. Chris Galippo and Ryan Miller are the longsnappers.

11:10- As the players stretch to start practice, Joe McKnight and Tyler Nielsen are the last players to reach the field for the morning.

11:05- After struggling with the snap yesterday in practice, Harland Gunn is out with the QBs working on shotgun snaps and they look much crisper than they did a day ago.

11:00- Ron Brooks could be a candidate for the long-snapping duties. Brooks was out practicing with Ryan Miller before practice. Not a normal site, seeing a receiver as a long-snapper.

10:55- Brian Price led the charge this morning, being the first guy on the field for Tuesday practice. Yesterday, he was typically the first guy off the line of scrimmage. Today, he's the first one out for practice. Ryan Miller was next. And people say linemen are slow.

10:50- Assistant coach Bill Redell is the first coach out on the field for the West.

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