USAAB Day Three: West Morning Practice

Both teams will practice at the Alamodome on Wednesday, with the West getting the first session in the early practice. Here is the practice blog from the morning session, which included a live scrimmage...

9:40- Other stats from the scrimmage: Joe McKnight had a 70-yard touchdown run on the first play. Niles Paul had five catches for 76 yards, Ian Harris had 2 catches for 8 yards, Ron Brooks had 2 catches for 35 yards, Gerald Jones had a 30-yard reception. Ahmad Paige had a 5-yard reception.

9:33- Final passing stats from the scrimmage: Jimmy Clausen- 3-for-5 for 39 yards, one touchdown pass and a 2-point conversion. Ryan Mallett- 5-for-8 for 68 yards and two interceptions. Nick Fanuzzi- 3-for-4 for 45 yards.

9:28- The West practice ends with a midfield chat.

9:25- Nick Fanuzzi hits Niles Paul on a screen and a downfield block by Terrance Toliver springs Paul for a big gain.

9:23- A poor shotgun snap by Kris O'Dowd over the head of Nick Fanuzzi is tracked down by Fanuzzi but not before Myles Wade and Chris Strong get to him for a big loss.

9:21- Brian Price beats Po'u Palelei to sack Nick Fanuzzi. Price, who has one of the quickest first steps of any defensive linemen in the game, just blew past Palelei.

9:22- Randy Taylor notes that the East may not be prepared to face a left-footed kicker, which David Green is.

9:20- Ryan Mallett makes his best pass of the day, hitting Ron Brooks over the middle for a 35-yard gain.

9:18- Donovan Warren locks down Terrance Toliver, preventing him from catching a pass and tipping it away. Matt Romine got beat two plays in a row by Andre Jones.

9:15- Terrance Toliver scores on a touchdown pass by Jimmy Clausen after Donovan Warren tipped it.

9:10- Jimmy Clausen hits Ahmad Paige for a touchdown on a nice pass.

9:08- Niles Paul has had probably the best and most consistent day of the receivers. He just made a nice catch with Donovan Warren trying to lock him down off a pass from Nick Fanuzzi.

9:02- Curtis Brown just picked off a deep pass by Ryan Mallett, making a nice adjustment to the ball.

9:01- It looks Jimmy Clausen has clearly supplanted Ryan Mallett in running with the ones.

8:59- David Green just got off a 40-yard punt under pressure with a 3.81 hangtime. Ryan Mallett chided him for almost getting it blocked.

8:57- Everson Griffen has been the best player in the backfield today. Not bad for a defensive end.

8:55- Nick Fanuzzi is finding a familiar face to throw his passes to, hitting teammate Ian Harris on consecutive passes.

8:50- Ryan Mallett hits Niles Paul over the middle, looking sharper in the live scrimmage.

8:47- First play of the scrimmage, Niles Paul pancakes Blaine Irby to spring Joe McKnight for a nice run. The next play, Everson Griffen smokes Matt Romine to get to Clausen. A play later, Griffen snuffs out a short pass to Paul.

8:45- It looks like they're going for a live scrimmage.

8:42- Michael Williams has looked very smooth, showing a quick backpedal and he opens up nicely. He might be the most fluid DB. The talk has been that Stefoin Francois could end up at linebacker, but Bob Lichtenfels says he is as close to an NFL safety as there is in this game. 8:39- Ryan Mallett is struggling a bit while Nick Fanuzzi is looking sharper, putting some good zip on the ball.

8:37- Ryan Miller dove after a pass but just missed. Simi Fili just caught a touchdown pass and followed it up with one of his patented chest-bumps, sending the offensive line coach Dan Jones flying to his seat.

8:35- The linemen are having a pass-catching competition again and Kris O'Dowd just caught a touchdown pass. He tried to celebrate by dunking it over the crossbar, but got stuffed by the bottom of it. Tray Allen just missed getting over it himself. Brian Price made a one-handed grab in the back corner of the end zone.

8:34- Chris Strong looks much better today, as he's feeling out the position, taking on his blockers and getting into the backfield.

8:32- Matt Romine continues to look very good technically, continuing to push his man out. Brian Price has been fiery this morning, constantly beating his matchups in the 1-on-1. Everson Griffen is coming on strong and Tray Allen has maintained his pace as the dominant player for the West.

8:30- Andre Jones is only 17 years old, eight months away from being 18 and he's already graduated from high school. His upside is off the charts. We also learned that Jones, an El Paso native, is fluent in Spanish.

8:25- Ryan Mallett's first throw was intercepted by Curtis Brown. David Green has consistently been recording a 4.0 hang time or better on his punts.

8:22- Jimmy Clausen has picked up where he left off and has been the sharpest thus far.

8:20- John Clay is struggling to catch the ball on screen passes.

8:17- The West has only two defensive ends on the roster so Chris Strong has moved here for the rest of the week. Defensive tackle Brian Price is also getting some time at defensive end as well as at his normal tackle position, giving the West some depth on the edges.

8:15- Ryan Miller at right tackle, Matt Romine at right guard, Kristofer O'Dowd at center, Po'u Palelei at left guard and Tray Allen at left tackle.

8:10- Austin Box looks to be seriously favoring his injured elbow.

8:05- Phil Simms, who's son Matt is playing for the East, is in the Alamodome this morning, watching the West practice.

8:00- The West is on the field at the Alamodome stretching, but its an early morning. For the West Coast guys, its 6 a.m. to their body.

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