Week in Review with Curtis Brown

SAN ANTONIO -- Texas cornerback commitment Curtis Brown talks about future teammate John Chiles, his play in practice this week and Dallas safety Christian Scott during an exclusive interview with Inside Texas from U.S. Army All-American Bowl week.

IT: Today was this week's last contact practice. How did you do?

Curtis Brown: I didn't really do much. My legs were hurting so I just stayed back most of the time. I broke on a couple of balls. I wasn't trying to go all out.

IT: Where you saving yourself for Saturday's game?

Brown: Yeah, my legs were hurting today.

IT: Are you going to be OK for Saturday?

Brown: Yeah.

IT: What do you think of Texas quarterback commitment John Chiles today? Today seemed to be his best day of practice.

Brown: He had some speed today that he didn't have when he was hurt the other day. Now that his leg is better, he was playing a lot better.

IT: How would you grade your week of practice overall?

Brown: I'd give it a high B.

IT: Why?

Brown: It just took my a while to get my feet under me. It took me two days to get my feet right.

IT: Which Texas player impressed you the most this week?

Brown: That's a hard one. Probably Tray (Allen).

IT: Why?

Brown: He's an all-around player. He's athletic and just makes plays.

IT: Have you had any more opportunities to talk to Christian Scott about Texas?

Brown: Yeah, I talked to him. He said he wants to take his official visit and then he'll see what's up with it and then he'll be able to make up his mind.

IT: Since you're enrolling in Austin before his official visit on Jan. 19th, do you think you'll be able to convince him during the trip to attend Texas?

Brown: I'm going to see if he wants to stay with me. They pay for your hotel, but I'll see if he wants to come chill.

IT: Are you ready for the game Saturday?

Brown: I just want to get me some interceptions and some big hits.

IT: How important is it that you play well in the game?

Brown: I'll do anything to show my pride in Texas. If I do anything, you'll see me throwing up my ‘Horns.

IT: One other thing, did you ever really want to attend Oklahoma and is it true that they slowplayed you on an offer?

Brown: Yeah, they really did.

IT: Did you want to play at Oklahoma?

Brown: Manuel Johnson is one of my close friends. I was saying at the time that I wanted to go, but I didn't really put much thought into it like that. I just wanted to chill with my homeboy and then they slowplayed me and I was getting offers from everywhere and then finally a big school down here offered me. I ain't got to wait for them so I committed somewhere else.

IT: And you're happy at Texas, right?

Brown: Always.

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