4 Star OL ready to visit five

Kevin Bryant (OT, Lauderdale Lakes, FL) - Scout.com's #17 nationally ranked offensive tackle's recruitment has begun to heat up.

"I have a visit set to Southern Cal and Ole Miss (1/20), and I am trying to get one set up with Oklahoma and Ohio State," added Kevin Bryant.

The USC visit is not set in stone but it is looking like it will be this weekend.

"I am not sure, coach said he will get it done when school starts back. But next weekend is when I am thinking it will be."

It comes as no surprise that the two schools he has set up visits with are the two that are coming after him the hardest.

"Ole Miss and Southern Cal call me regularly. TMac (USC) keeps in touch. Coach Kehoe (Ole Miss) calls me all the time and keeps me up to date. It is just the frequency of their phone calls that sets them apart from the rest of the schools."

Which colleges have been by Bryant's house to see him?

"Coach Cristobal from FIU came by."

And school visits?

"Coach Kehoe came and the offensive line coach from Georgia came. I am going to take a visit with Georgia too. I do not know if it is set up, but my coach is getting that done."

What stands out about Ole Miss?

"I am not sure I can answer that question because I have not visited them yet.; I am just waiting for the visit so I can see how the school is. But what got me interested in them is Coach Kehoe. He was the OL coach at Miami, and I use to go down to their Down and Dirty camps for years. We got pretty close when he was at Miami. I even brought back one of his video tapes on pass blocking techniques. He is a great teacher. When he left Miami and went to Ole Miss; I scratched Miami off of my list and added Ole Miss."

Has Georgia offered?


What are the Dawgs positives?

"My whole family is from Georgia. If I go to Georgia, I will be in close proximity for them to see me play. Georgia is like a personal visit."

And Oklahoma?

"They were one of the first schools to offer me. I have a close friend, Daven Joseph, who played offensive guard for them and he now plays for the Tampa Bay Bucks. He went to the same high school as me. We are pretty similar. We are both real tall but play offensive guard. Their facilities are nice at Oklahoma. It is a nice fit. I like their OL coach too."

And Ohio State?

"Their head coach came and saw me. They have really picked up their recruitment with me. I want to see how the school is. I would be interested to see what they have. I have no background information on them, just a dream of mine to play for a school like OSU."

What about Southern Cal?

"I have been taling with Coach TMac since last year. He explained they are short on OL and there is a high possibility of playing early if I go there. I just want to see how I fit in. I want to see what all the schools are like. I am reading all I can on them (GA, OM, USC, OSU, OKL) on the internet. I want to put in a personal experience which each one and see how I like it. Which ever one I trust the most, I will sign with."

Kevin's grades were a major issue early on his recruitment but he looks to have shored up that problem.

"I had a 1.8 GPA before the year started, but I have pulled it up to a 2.2 GPA. But I am enrolled in a program now in Broward County where I can take all of my core courses that I did bad in over again. I am going to night school right now. At the end of the semester, my GPA should be at a 2.7. A lot of athletes from around here have enrolled in this program the last few years and there has been a high success ratio. I have really dedicated myself to get myself eligible. Right now, I am concentrating on my SAT. I have a 600, and I need an 850 with where my GPA is right now, but if I get it up to a 2.7, I will be fine."

The 6' 7", 350 pounder was named 1st Team All-Broward and 1st Team All-State. He played in the Dade/Broward All-State game last month.

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