Three-Star Visits KU, K-State three-star defensive end Jake McDonough, from West Des Moines-Valley, Iowa, visited a couple of spring games this month. He talked in-depth about his time on the two campuses.

"I visited Kansas two weeks ago, and I went to Kansas State the following weekend," Jake McDonough said.

"The visit to Kansas went really well. I met all the coaches for the first time. I toured the facilities, and they were really cool."

"The weight room was really impressive. I believe it was around 42,000 square feet. They have a turf hill in the weight room where you can do different exercises. All of the facilities were pretty cool."

"I talked to coach [Brandon] Blaney for a while. He is the one who took us over to the spring game. He took Joe [Johnson] and I out to the 50-yard line. We got to look around the stadium. We learned a little about the history of the program, and that was really cool."

"I thought their game was cool. I got to see what kind of defense they run which was similar to ours. I think I can fit into their defense. I thought there was a lot of competition going on. I think if I can keep working hard I can compete with them."

"I like how up-front the coaches were with me. They were telling me how it is. They told me to be patient. They saw my highlight film and my game film. Then they offered me. They never bash any other schools. They don't just talk about football, but life in general. I really liked how they coaches were treating me."

McDonough also talked of his visit to Kansas State.

"Thank goodness it was warm because we spent most of our time outside," he said. "We went over to their facilities which were very impressive. They are doing renovations to make the stadium bigger."

"The coaches were really cool the whole time. Of course, they were busy with the spring game, and they had people in charge of all the recruits. We felt very welcomed."

"Getting to go on the field was quite an experience. The crowd was great. I think they said there was over 38,000 people at the game. People were tailgateing early. It was a great atmosphere."

"I thought their game was the most unique. They did a draft where they drafted their teams. It wasn't the ones vs. the twos. It was split into an actual team. There were a lot of hard hits that I really liked."

"They run a different defense, but I thought their defense worked really well because the offenses really didn't do that much."

"The thing I like most about Kansas State is their coaches were talking to me a lot and making me feel welcomed. They were being up-front with me. They didn't leave anything in the dark."

"I like how their strength and conditioning coach is more about speed, which is really cool."

When asked of scholarship offers Donough said, "I still just have the one offer from Kansas. I've been hearing a lot from Louisville and Kansas State. I think they want to see me more in person, and then they will possibly offer."

The 6-5, 225-pound defensive end shared his thoughts of favorites and if a time-frame for a decision is in the near future.

"I don't have any favorites right now," Donough said. "It's pretty much up for grabs. All the schools I've been to have a lot of positives. It's going to be a difficult decision. I have been very impressed with everything I have seen so far."

"I am still not sure when I will make my decision. I want to wait through the summer for sure to see if I get anymore offers. As for now, I am not sure when I am going to decide. It could be by the end of the summer."

McDonough will attend the All-American Combine in Kansas City May 14.

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