Midland Recruiting Notebook

The Midland Region did not have a huge amount of breaking stories in the past week as far as commitments are concerned, but as we start to head towards the end of the school year, it is apparent that college programs are beginning to turn up the heat on recruiting.


One of the best, and fastest, running backs in the state of California is Corona (Calif.) Centennial's, Ryan Bass. Bass, at 5-foot-10 and 185-pounds, is right in the middle of track season.

"Yeah, I am running track," Bass said. "I am running the 100m, 200m, 4x100m and the long jump. My best 100m is about 10.8 and I am running anchor for the relay team."

On top of track, Bass is still managing being recruited for football. The offers are coming in fairly often now with the newest two coming in just days apart. The two new offers brings him up to a double-digit total.

"Recruiting is going good, staying busy. I just got some new offers. The other day I got one from Michigan State and Washington offered me last Friday."

"That makes ten offers for me. There's San Diego State, Colorado State, UTEP, Arizona, Ole Miss, Louisville, Minnesota and Nebraska. Those plus the new ones."

Sometimes having success in recruiting can lead to some sense of entitlement. Not for Bass. He knows that he has to keep up the hard work now and through college to realize his potential.

"I just try and say to myself that I need to keep working now to be better for the future and that I need to keep that up. I can't ever stop."

Bass is working on a couple of key things this spring and summer to be better at this fall. "I am pretty fast, but I am trying to get a little stronger. If there is something that I would say needs improvement then I would say it's my pass-blocking."

Bass is a big play threat at the running back position. He has the vision and the speed that college coaches covet. Once he makes it past the second level there are few that can do anything to catch him.

"I would say my vision. I have great vision and great speed. I can hit the hole hard and nobody can really catch me."

Last year Bass had a monster season. It lead to him pulling in top honors in the state, his league and his team. "I had 2,351 yards and 36 touchdowns last year. I got all-state, league MVP and team MVP last season as a junior."


Spencer Reeves
Linebacker Spencer Reeves of Dallas (Skyline), Texas is excited about this time of year. The speedy athlete that was once a three-sport guy and is now totally focused on football is excited that college coaches are on their way to Dallas to see him.

"I'm very excited about the coaches coming by to see me," said Reeves. "They have been showing me a lot of love and I am ready to see which schools really want me. The offers keep coming in each week and I am excited about all the new schools."

It sounds a little cocky, but Reeves really is excited about recruiting. The 6-2, 210-pound linebacker has safety-type speed and as a result has seen a lot of interest and a lot of offers.

"I haven't really decided anything yet," said Reeves, who added that he would like to make an early commitment this summer. "I do have some faves. I like Minnesota, Kansas State, Wisconsin and Texas Tech. I haven't decided anything. I like Oklahoma and my coaches told me an offer is coming. I have heard from Oklahoma State too."

Reeves said he attended the Texas junior day and he plans on going to Texas camp on June 8. He also said he could be attending other camps as well.

"I'm a very athletic linebacker," said Reeves in describing himself as a player. "I have lots of speed."

Reeves reports a bench press max of 255 pounds, but he hasn't tested in a while. He also reports a 415-pound squat max and a vertical jump of 34 inches.


Jake McDonough
Scout.com three-star defensive end Jake McDonough, from West Des Moines-Valley, Iowa, visited a couple of spring games this month. He talked in-depth about his time on the two campuses.

"I visited Kansas two weeks ago, and I went to Kansas State the following weekend," McDonough said.

"The visit to Kansas went really well. I met all the coaches for the first time. I toured the facilities, and they were really cool."

"The weight room was really impressive. I believe it was around 42,000 square feet. They have a turf hill in the weight room where you can do different exercises. All of the facilities were pretty cool."

McDonough also talked of his visit to Kansas State. "Thank goodness it was warm because we spent most of our time outside," he said. "We went over to their facilities which were very impressive. They are doing renovations to make the stadium bigger."

"The coaches were really cool the whole time. Of course, they were busy with the spring game, and they had people in charge of all the recruits. We felt very welcomed."

When asked of scholarship offers McDonough said, "I still just have the one offer from Kansas. I've been hearing a lot from Louisville and Kansas State. I think they want to see me more in person, and then they will possibly offer."

The 6-5, 225-pound defensive end shared his thoughts of favorites and if a time-frame for a decision is in the near future.

"I don't have any favorites right now," McDonough said. "It's pretty much up for grabs. All the schools I've been to have a lot of positives. It's going to be a difficult decision. I have been very impressed with everything I have seen so far."

"I am still not sure when I will make my decision. I want to wait through the summer for sure to see if I get anymore offers. As for now, I am not sure when I am going to decide. It could be by the end of the summer."

McDonough will attend the Scout.com All-American Combine in Kansas City May 14.

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