Wells gets visit from Georgia

Keith Wells hasn't had Georgia at the top of his list but a recent visit from Coach Mark Richt may change all that.

QG: Did Coach Richt visit your practice today?

Keith Wells: Yes he came by and watched my practice.

QG: Did you get an offer today?

KW: No, they didn't offer me, but I spoke with him and Coach Jancek. They were telling me they were really interested in me, and wanted me to show what I could do at one of their camps and that we would go from there.

QG: Will you be attending their summer camp?

KW: Yes, I plan on attending there camp on June 15.

QG: So you are still pretty interested in Georgia at this point?

KW: Yes sir definitely.

QG: Does being from Georgia make UGA a place you have always been interested in going?

KW: I would have to say that Georgia is one of the favorite teams because Georgia football is really big in the state of Georgia. That is definitely one of the determining factors in where a kid from Georgia goes to play football.

QG: You haven't been mentioning Georgia much lately; does a visit from the head coach from Georgia change all that?

KW: Oh definitely, UGA has just started recruiting me and knowing who I was. I never expected them to be very hot on me from the get go. Now what we are doing is building a relationship. We are texting a lot, and I'm talking to a lot of different coaches from Georgia. They are just giving me a brief overview of how they are recruiting me. That constant contact from them is helping a lot, and I'm just trying to stay focused and not make any drastic decisions at this point.

QG: You've had some offers from some big time programs like Ohio State, Florida, Alabama, and Auburn so far. If Georgia were to offer would they vault into the same company as those other schools?

KW: Definitely, because Georgia's football program speaks for itself. The direction of it since Mark Richt has been there and where they are headed in the next couple of years with their last couple of recruiting classes. So I would definitely say if they were to offer that they would be a definite favor.

QG: Would Georgia be your favorite if they offered?

KW: I wouldn't say my favorite, but they would be up there among my top schools.

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