2007 Spring Fling Report -- North Mesquite

The Spring Fling went into high gear on Friday as Matt Diggs and Eric Larrow went to three different games. Check out when the train stopped by Memorial Stadium in Mesquite to check on Coach Robinson's North Mesquite Stallions.

The spring game was rather uneventful, as QB Blair Johnson was playing centerfield in the baseball playoffs and Josh Aladenoye and Chad Jones were also out of action. The team had to rely on five sophomores, and a freshman and sophomore QB. Running back Marquis Green was also missing in action.

Two freshmen WR will have to step up in Coach Robinson's "Todd Dodge" like offense. Lanear Sampson and Daymond Patterson will be there to teach the Stallion newcomers. Michael Wheeler, Jamarcia Baines, Marcus Bagley, Cody Wallace and Ryan Conley were the 5 to-be sophomores who were integral parts of the spring game. Marcus Bagley, a defensive lineman for the Stallions, certainly had the wow factor, and Coach Robinson told me after the game that he had a 22 inch vertical with his 6'1, 290 pound frame.

Coach Robinson reiterated this team was young and would have to come together in the summer. He mentioned that 190 kids were in the program, and he was thrilled to have that type of participation. He mentioned 7 on 7 will be a big part of the summer and that North Mesquite would be appearing at the Rockwall and Wylie tournaments - with Blair Johnson and Lanear Sampson in hand. He mentioned having Johnson would make a big difference, but this was a learning experience for the coaching staff because things happen during a season, and he and his crew would have to coach them up.

North Mesquite looked sluggish and had a hard time getting anything offensively going - and the defense was not stopping the offense as much as dropped balls and bad decisions in the running game hampered. North Mesquite has definite size and speed, and should be competitive when 12-5A action starts week 6 of the season.

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