Another Offer Coming?

Auburn, N.Y., stalwart Nick Lepak received his first scholarship from Syracuse months ago, but has yet to pick up his second even though he speaks to many schools on a consistent basis. That however, may change by the week's end.

At 6-foot-4 and 336 pounds Auburn High School offensive guard Nick Lepak definitely has the size that recruiters covet, however he will need to work to increase his athleticism and quickness if he wants to become a complete player. Lepak is having no problem drawing interest from schools around the country and it sounds like one from down South might be close to offering.

"I spoke to Coach Joe Gilbert who is the offensive line coach at Central Florida and he says it looks like I'll be getting an offer in the next two weeks once all of the coaches get back from being on the road," Lepak explained. "I had an opportunity to speak with him a bit when he came up to my school and he came off as a really cool guy. I have been doing some research on the school and was surprised to find they have 55,000 students enrolled there. Obviously the weather must be great down there too, so I could catch some rays."

"Coach Mike McQueary from Penn State came up to the school the other day and told me they were interested at this point," Lepak said. "Penn State sounds like a great school and their football program really speaks for itself. They invited me to come down for camp this summer, but I have previous commitment that I can't break."

"Coach Kevin Lempa from Maryland was up here to see me and we had an opportunity to chat about a few things," Lepak added. "He said he wanted to take my film with him to review and then get me down there in person at a camp to evaluate me, so I'll try to make it if I don't have schedule conflicts. The thing about Maryland that I really like is that I've read they have an outstanding criminal justice program, so that makes me really interested. They also play in the ACC, so that is a big plus."

"Past those three schools I've been keeping in regular contact with Syracuse and plan to camp there June 27th, 28th and 29th," Lepak explained. "I have also been sending text messages back and forth with a coach from Temple recently, but all I know about them is that they're in Philadelphia and play in the MAC."

Lepak has put no time frame on a decision and was voted first-team All-State at defensive tackle last season.

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