About ready to start making the rounds

The summer is almost here for high school students and for some that is when work of a different kind starts up. The summer is an opportunity to go out and see some of the schools that have offered you a scholarship, like Spencer Ladner plans to do. There are a handful of schools that he is looking to take a trip to in the coming month or so.

A player that has really taken off is Spencer Ladner. Ladner, a 6-foot-7 and 240-pound tight end from Kansas City (Mo.) Pembroke Hill, was studying up when Big Red Report caught up with him.

"It's finals week, man," Ladner said. "At our school, we literally go over everything that we have learned in the semester and then there is a test on it. No open book. No nothing. Just memorization."

"I have tests until Wednesday. That's our last final. Just a couple of more days and the year will be over with. It's not that bad."

Ladner was one of the top performers at the recent Scout.com combine in Kansas City. He was happy with his performance and thought that he had a great chance to show off his skills.

"I thought that I did pretty well. I didn't test really that well, but that wasn't really what I was worried about. I was focused on how I would do on the one on ones."

"I thought that went well. I made some pretty good catches in one on ones. I didn't really get a chance to show my stuff in the seven on seven thing. Other than that it went really, really well."

The summer for Ladner technically starts on Thursday and he already has some plans in place. He is going to start taking some trips to see the schools that have been by to see him and offered. He also has plans to attend a camp on the west coast.

"I am going to take some trips to schools that have offered me so I can start think about my leaders. I don't really have any other camp or combine plans beyond the Nike camp at Oregon."

"I am going to take trips to Nebraska, Oklahoma, California, Michigan, Iowa and Wisconsin. I don't know when these trips will start. Maybe in the middle or the end of June."

Despite Ladner being just about three hours away, he has never been to Lincoln before. He knows quite a bit about the tight end in the West Coast offense, Nebraska's tradition and the need for depth at the tight end position.

"I haven't been to Lincoln before. I know that the tight end is a key part of their system and can get the ball thrown to them a lot. It's also a national program. They are in the hunt for that national title."

"I know that the depth chart situation might be in my favor. Coach Kevin Cosgrove has mentioned it to me about the depth chart at the tight end position. I am definitely going to look at that."

Ladner is an intellectual person and will be looking at academics a lot through the process. While a couple of schools on his list will hold an advantage in that area he said that doesn't eliminate anyone.

"Sure, I am going to look at academics a lot because that might be what it comes down to. It's not like I am not going to consider someone whose academics don't match up to a Cal or a Michigan."

Nebraska just landed the top recruit in the state of Missouri who happens to be a quarterback, Blaine Gabbert. While Ladner and Gabbert hail from the same state, Ladner only knows of Gabbert and has never spoken to him. Ladner was aware that Nebraska has a pretty nice recruiting class coming together.

"No I haven't. I do know that he is supposed to be quite the quarterback. I don't really know him, I just know of him. I know that Nebraska has some offensive lineman and the quarterback, but other than that I don't really know."

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