Early Decision An Easy One

Adam Timo, from St. George, Utah, decided early that BYU was the place for him, and had little, if any, lingering doubt in his mind. Timo committed to Cougar coaches by letter about a week ago, bucking the trend set forth by just about every high school athlete by committing just after his sophomore year.

During the recruiting process, most high school athletes must wait until they are well into their junior seasons until they are seriously reviewed by college recruiters. Regardless of how talented an athlete may be, the attention doesn't come until they've proved their worth in Nike combines and at least two years of playing varsity football.

On the flipside of things, it's very unusual for an athlete on the heels of his sophomore season to seriously consider where he will be earning his scholarship in the college ranks. But with his commitment to BYU coaches, Adam Timo is very much bucking the trend.

"BYU is the right place for me. I don't have any doubt about it," said Timo. "Everything about BYU feels right, so why wait around? I know it's where I want to go, so I decided not to wait and just commit to them early."

By doing so, Timo is aware that he may very well be putting away a lot of attention that was due to come his way as his high school career progresses.

"That's not really important to me," said Timo. "I know BYU is the place for me, so why wait around?"

Timo is a 6-foot-1-inch, 170-pound running back recruit from Snow Canyon High School in St. George, Utah. He logged time playing both quarterback and running back for his varsity team last season and put up some very impressive numbers, running for over 1,600 yards in somewhat limited action, while having a breakout game against Logan High where he gained 310 yards and scored four touchdowns.

"I feel I did well last year," said Timo. "But I know I can get better, which is what I'll be working on this offseason. I want to get bigger and stronger while maintaining my speed. I know I can get better and that I need to get better every year."

Having kept a close eye on Timo throughout the year, Cougar coaches seemed to be sold. Contacts were made primarily through letters, and when Timo made his way to Junior Day at BYU this past month, an offer was proffered. He quickly accepted the offer.

"It was a great feeling," said Timo. "It was sort of a surprise, I guess, and I pretty much knew right when it was offered that I would accept."

Timo went home to discuss it with his parents and think about it some more. After doing such, he decided to make his decision final by sending a letter to Cougar coaches telling them of his intentions.

"I talked about it with my parents and they definitely felt it was right as well," said Timo. "We all felt the same way. After thinking about it and praying about it nothing changed. I just felt stronger that BYU was the place for me."

Timo grew up a BYU fan and is excited about where the football program is headed. But it's the feeling that Timo had when visiting the school during high school track meets, among other visits, that sold him early on more than anything else.

"Every time I'm up there it feels so good. It feels like the place I need to be," said Timo. "I couldn't imagine another place that has everything I need to progress as a football player and as a person."

As a track athlete, Timo runs both the 100 and 200 meters, and his best time in the 100 meters is 11.39. He is also LDS and has definite mission plans. The fact that BYU is a church-funded school that will obviously work with his mission plans was a big draw for Timo.

"BYU will help me reach my goals as a student and as a person," said Timo. "I love the spiritual environment there. What I need to do from now until when I get to BYU is to make sure I'm spiritually ready, as well as being ready as an athlete."

Timo will turn 19 the September after he graduates and already has plans to leave immediately on his mission before enrolling at BYU. Those plans, much like the early plans Timo has made to sign a letter of intent with BYU, are solid and won't change.

"I have goals and I know what I want to do and where I want to play," said Timo. "Serving a mission and playing for and being a student at BYU are things I'm sure of. They've always been things I've wanted to do and now I'll have that chance, which I'm very thankful for."

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