Waiting Game

Deveric Gallington out of Richland HS is being forced to play the waiting game. As we reported late Sunday, Florida is supposed to let Gallington know what their intentions are with regards to offering the dominant offensive guard, but no word had come yet. RaiderPower caught up with Gallington Monday evening and he gave us the inside scoop on what the Florida Gators had to say to his coach today.

Deveric Gallington out of Richland HS is being forced to play the waiting game.

As we reported late Sunday night, Florida is planning on offering 1 more guard in the class of 2008, and Deveric is a candidate to get that offer.

Florida told him they would get back to him late last week, but he never received a phone call letting him know.

Gallington informed RaiderPower that he was going to give them until Monday or Tuesday of this week to let him know, and if they didn't, he was going to visit Texas Tech this weekend and probably commit.

"My coach talked with Florida today," said a frustrated Gallington. "They told him that now they want me to wait until July before they decide. The assistant coaches want to offer me, but Coach Meyer wants to wait before they do."

With Florida continuing to push back their commitment on when they'll let him know about an offer from them, Gallington grows more and more impatient as the days go on.

"My coach wants me to wait until July, but I don't want to. I'm going to sit down with my parents tonight and we'll talk about what our plan will be. I am pretty sure I will be heading to Lubbock this weekend (June 22nd) to check out what they have to offer, and as long as everything looks good, I plan on committing during my visit."

It appears that Florida is slow playing Gallington to try their chances at a few other prospects first, but as time goes on they may lose their shot at the 6'4, 330 pound offensive guard.

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