PA Ranking Analysis: 21-25

Each year the question is posed, why did you rank this player here? Well let's break it down. I will break down the good and the bad about what we feel are the top 25 prospects in the state of Pennsylvania. This is our first set of state rankings and they will likely change a number of times before they are finalized in February.

25. Nick Moody – Roman Catholic – S


Headed Where: Committed to Florida State.

Positives: Moody plays a little bit of everything in high school but projects best to Will linebacker or safety at the next level. He has very good range and his read and react skills are one of his best attributes. He has good hips, allowing him to change directions quickly to play the ball and possesses the coverage skills to handle tight ends and running backs effectively. Moody has the frame to add an additional 20-pounds at the next level and has good muscle definition. Moody does play very well in space and is moderately effective as a pass rusher. He fills well and is a solid tackler.

Negatives: Moody will occasionally take bad angles to the ball carrier and can overrun the play which he'll need to work on, but overall his play at linebacker was very impressive.

Intangibles: Comes from a solid family foundation and is a solid student. He has really seemed to gel with his new teammates.

Future: Moody has the athletic skills to be a safety, but he very well may outgrow the position. Could end up as a very athletic linebacker at Florida State.

24. Chris Hayden-Martin – Greensburg Central Catholic – CB


Headed Where: Had over 28 scholarship offers before he committed to Pittsburgh.

Positives: This kid has a very high ceiling, more of a track guy learning the game and learning very quickly. He has great size and decent agility for his size. Very good backpedal and athleticism to turn in coverage and run with the receiver. Will come up on the squat and deliver a blow. Could also be a potential return man on special teams. Blew up this spring with outstanding performances in combines and camps.

Negatives: Possesses great size and straight line speed, but does he have the fluidity in his hips to be a true cover corner? His team was loaded last year, now he will be the man and it will be interesting to see how he handles it.

Intangibles: Showed a lot of class the way he handled his recruitment. He had a list of everything he wanted to see in each school and he did that. He then spoke to his parents, went to the school and committed. Solid student with supportive parents behind him.

Future: Will likely get a shot at corner, but we see him potentially settling in at safety.

23. Kaleb Ramsey – Laurel Highlands – DE


Headed Where: Has over 20 scholarship offers from the likes of Louisville, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Iowa, Colorado, Georgia Tech, Connecticut, Indiana, Minnesota, Akron, Boston College and Vanderbilt.

Positives: If you haven't followed Ramsey since ninth grade, he may not be as impressive to you. Ramsey grew up as a quarterback, but he eventually outgrew the position. What makes him so impressive now is the high upside that he has. Going from being a quarterback to a potential mid-high major defensive linemen is a big jump. Ramsey if you see him in person will pass anyone's look test, the kid is put together. Opposite of most kids who lift weights a lot, Ramsey shows none of the signs of being stiif. He is actually quite the opposite he is very smooth and fluid. Ramsey gets a tremendous upfield push. He has an outstanding initial burst off the snap. He has that rare combination of power and quickness. He is quick enough in hand combat to fight most blockers off, yet the kid is so strong he always has that potential of beating you with a straight bull rush. Ramsey is very aggressive and pursues well. He shows great acceleration off the edge. At his current size, Ramsey is capable of gaining more weight and eventually moving down inside, or with his current skill set he could stay at end. Once he gets into college and specializes in one area he has the potential to be a special player.

Negatives: Another player recovering from a significant injury. Ramsey had surgery to repair a shoulder injury. Has made a big transition, but he is very athletic. The question is will that translate into success at the collegiate level. Did not compete in combines and camps due to rehab, so he was not tested against upper echelon type players.

Intangibles: Has enough skill and athletic ability to be the gem of this entire class, but he also could go the opposite way. I view him as a medium risk, but high reward kind of player. Very mature about the whole process due to watching his brother a former star at Belle Vernon Jason Murray go through it.

Future: Ramsey could be a future All-Conference type player in college he has that kind of ability. We see him as a solid defensive end prospect who is stout against the run and can get to the quarterback.

22. Mike Cruz – Bishop McCort – TE


Originally committed to Pittsburgh, but opened things up and is now weighing his options. Has a number of offers from the likes of Clemson, Louisville, West Virginia, Nebraska, Florida State, Akron, Michigan State, Rutgers and Illinois.

Positives: Cruz has an excellent combination of size, quickness and agility; a terrific athlete who changes direction well and bursts out of cuts. Excels against man-to-man defenses and finds soft spots in zones. Has good body control and hands with the ability to make tough catches in traffic and shield defenders  with his frame. Can elude or power over defenders and is a very good weapon in the red zone.

Negatives: Currently recovering from a torn ACL injury. With modern medicine being what it is today he is expected to make a full recovery. Does not posses a great deal of straight line speed. Needs to increase his physical strength to become a dominant blocker at tight end.

Intangibles: Really caused a stir with his quotes in the newspaper about Pittsburgh, caused some coaches to back off of him and reportedly had his high school coach fired up.

Future: He is being recruited as a tight end, but we have been told that others see him as a potential offensive lineman or defensive tackle in the future. He is a solid prospect and should be a force.

21. Manny Williams – Clairton – CB


Headed Where: Committed to Pittsburgh over offers from West Virginia, Minnesota, Akron, Toledo and Buffalo.

Positives: Williams is one of the best pure athletes in the state. He has a nice frame and long arms could add 25-30 pounds. Runs very well. Outstanding lateral speed. Good read and react skills. Can cover receivers like a defensive back. Williams excels in coverage. He is solid in the blitz game. He causes a mismatch with a lethal combination of game speed and power. Also contributes on special teams where like everything else he excels at it. Loves playing special teams and has made an art out of the punt block.

Negatives: Like any small school player, people will always question the level of competition. Williams has debunked that by competing in camps and combines against players from bigger schools. He plays linebacker in high school and will have to learn how to be a safety in college. The defensive scheme that he plays in now allows him to roam free and make plays. It will be interesting to see how he adapts to a structured college defense.

Intangibles: Williams is a great kid from a not so good area, but he manages to stay clear of the negativity. He carries above a 3.0 GPA which is impressive at Clairton. The kid is the consummate team player and will do anything to help his team win. Should help the Bears go deep into the playoffs this year.

Future: Likely starts out as a safety, but with his frame and skill set he very well could end up as a WILL backer in 2-3 years.

Outside the Box: Here are the next five players who just missed the top 25.

26. QB Tino Sunseri Pittsburgh Central Cath.

27. DT Chris Henderson Harrisburg

28. WLB Geoffrey Prather Archbishop Carroll

29. SLB Adrian Robinson Harrisburg

30. WLB David Posluszny Hopewell

**Tuesday we will continue with a breakdown of numbers 16-20.**

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