Blair Just Kicking It

When you are one of the top kickers in the country and can choose from any and all colleges in the nation, something has to really sell you on a place before you commit. For Blair Walsh it was simple – he felt at home.

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"I really liked the family atmosphere at Georgia," said the Miami-area native. "I committed in February, but I went back up to see a couple of the spring practices, and when I went the family atmosphere came out again."

Walsh was convinced then more then ever – Georgia was the place for him. But that didn't stop other schools from calling and expressing their interest. Florida continued to call, but Walsh let them know – he wasn't coming. It was Georgia and Georgia only.

"The trip was awesome; it was nice to go back up there and see the coaches," he said. "I have no doubts."

"We had breakfast, and I talked with Coach Johnson and Coach Jancek about everything," Walsh continued. "I talked with Coach Richt before we went into the meeting where he talked with all of us about Georgia. He told me about academics and athletics and all of the history at Georgia."

Walsh is one of the few kickers in Georgia history to have a scholarship before enrolling at Georgia. The last two starting kickers at Georgia, Billy Bennett and Brandon Coutu, both walked on and earned their scholarships. Some may have thought Andy Bailey's struggles as a kicker would make Georgia hesitant to sign another kicker. But Georgia is sold on what they have seen from Walsh – they are comfortable with his leg and with what he's got between his ears.

There is little doubt that the coaching staff views Walsh as the place kicker of the future, and that's something Walsh embraces. He said he's excited that Georgia puts such emphasis on the kicking game and is glad that the program has an understanding of how important kicking is.

"From a kicker's stand point, and talking with Brandon about it – they do special teams live at the start of practice," Walsh said. "I think it shows that coach Richt understands that kickers are better at the start of practice rather than at the end. Watching practice was very informative for me."

Walsh, like many early commitments, is pondering enrolling, but says that he's not sure about that quite yet.

"I am thinking about coming in early, but I am not sure about it. I would like to," he said.

No matter when he gets there, when Walsh arrives in Athens he will be expected to pick up where the most recent kickers left off – as a vital part of Georgia's offensive plans.

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