Bo Tillman adds new offers

Bo Tillman (DT, Franklin County, MS) - Bo has won state championships, been named District MVP, 1st Team All-State and is a member of's national 300 team.

Now you can add one more award to Bo's trophy case.

"I made Dandy Dozen," added the 6' 6", 285 pound defensive tackle prospect, Bo Tillman. "I got a letter in the mail a few days ago. It feels good that I made it."

Tillman has also received a few more "letters" as of late.

"I have received written scholarship offers from LSU, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Southern Mississippi, Oregon, and Nebraska. There are some more teams who have offered me, I just can not think of them."

Who is closest to offering next?

"Probably Florida. They are talking real good on the phone."

Has Bo had a chance to take in any football camps this summer?

"No, I was suppose to go to the one at LSU, but we are taking pictures for the Dandy Dozen on the same day. I was going to Ole Miss too, but they needed me at work. I am going up to Oxford today for the 7 on 7 tournament. I am going to see my brother, Marcus (Tillman), and we are just going to hang out for the weekend."

What has Bo been doing this summer?

"I have just been working on my conditioning (425 bench/550 squat), working out, and working at my job and playing a little basketball ball."

Which colleges now stand out for Bo?

"Mississippi State, Ole Miss, and LSU."

Tillman has had LSU and Ole Miss at the top of his list for quite some time now; has MSU made up any ground?

"Yea, probably some. Coach Croom came down here and talked to me. We had a pretty good talk. They have been sending a lot of letters and stuff like that."

The Bulldogs actually were the school Bo grew up rooting for as a little kid.

"Yea, I grew up a fan of MSU. I use to love watching them play when Coach (Jackie) Sherrill was there. They are trying to get back to where they were when he was there. It is just going to take a little time."

It is well documented that Bo's older brother, Marcus Tillman, will be a rising sophomore at Ole Miss next season. While his first cousin and teammate, Josh Tillman, has committed to play for the Rebels next year.

Will this play a role in Bo's decision?

"Just a little, but I still want to look at some other options. I just have not made up my mind yet, but yea, having them up there will play a role, some what."

What else does Ole Miss have going for themselves?

"They have a nice program. They are signing good players, so you know they are about to be good about the time I get there. They also take care of you, academically, so that is important."

What about the LSU Tigers?

"They are always ranked in the Top 20, you know. It is just a good football program, and they also take care of your academics over there."

When it does come decision time, what will be the main factors?

"First, I want to see how much help they are going to give me, academically. Getting my degree is going to be the most important factor for me. . Then I want to go to the place that can help me become the best football player I can be. I just want to go to a place that can better me, both academically and athletically."

It has been rumored that Bo has a lot of work to do in the classroom, but Tillman says that simply is not true.

"I will be able to finish up all my core classes I need during my senior year."

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