Corey Liuget Q & A

One of the best players in the state of Florida this year is Defensive Lineman Corey Liuget. Noledigest caught up with the Hialeah standout.

How is recruiting going?


CL-Recruiting is great. I love the experience of going on the road and learning things about each university and what they have to offer. What I appreciate the most is a ton of other kids would love to have the opportunity that I have had. Going out on these trips I have learned there are also better places for me then living in Miami.


What schools that you have visited stood out?


CL-I visited Georgia and FSU and both places were great. There is a lot of tradition and both schools are very impressive from a facilities standpoint, what they have to offer academically and where they are located.


Is there any one school that you could picture yourself at?


CL-I could picture myself at Georgia, Illinois, FSU or Ohio State.


Would you say those are your leaders?


CL-Right now I really don't have a leader; those are just some of the schools I will choose from.


Is there a leader among your top schools?


CL-Not at this time. I really have to take my visits and will decide at the end of the year.


On your visits which coaches have stood out the most?


CL-Dave Kelly from UCF is one of my favorite coaches; he is like a father to me. Coach Kelly has known me for awhile and I really enjoy being around him the most. Are there any other coaches that have stood out that you have met? I enjoyed meeting coach Amato at Florida State. He has put some great players in the NFL at both NC State and FSU.


Which schools do you think will get official visits from you?


CL-Since I am from Florida I can go to Miami, Florida State or Florida at anytime. I have been to Miami and really don't need to use an official visit on them. (The) same with UF and Florida State. I look forward to going and watching those schools play this year but my visits will be used at schools like Illinois, Ohio State and Georgia. I will probably take an official visit to UCF because of Coach Kelly.


Are there any specific games you would like to go to?


CL-Florida State-Miami, Florida State-Florida, Ohio State-Michigan and I will go and see UCF and Illinois also play this year.


Off of recruiting for a minute---Talk about your game, what are your strengths and weaknesses at this time?


CL-I feel I can always improve. Right now I am working hard on the upcoming season and look to get bigger and stronger. I am around 260 pounds right now. Noledigest response---Hey, if you get any bigger Corey you may grow into a defensive tackle---It's possible but if that's the case that is a big money position. You can do pretty well for yourself at that position in the league. As for what can I work on most-I feel my hand eye coordination at tight end and my overall speed is what needs to most improvement.


There you have it one of the top rising seniors in the country Corey Linguet.


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