Travis Tannahill Talks KSU, Season

Travis Tannahill, a three-star tight end from Olathe-East, Kansas, gave his verbal to Kansas State a couple of months ago. Tannahill spent time with the coaches at practice held in Olathe and plans to attend several games this season.

"I went and saw them the Saturday they came to Olathe to practice," said Travis Tannahill. "I spent time with the coaches and ate dinner with the team. I got to see what it was like."

"I had a good time. I think they are going to do well this year. Josh [Freeman] is obviously a pretty good quarterback. Coach [Ron] Prince is bringing in the right guys. The program is all about discipline and coaching."

The 6-foot-4, 230-pound tight end will play both sides of the ball this season. He was recruited to play one position for the Wildcats.

"They recruited me as a tight end. I am still really skinny at 230-pounds. They told me not to come in next year at anything crazy like 250-pounds. They would like me to be around 235-240-pounds," Tannahill said.

"I am sure I will make it to most of the home games. I will definitely be at the KU game. Our old quarterback plays for Missouri State. I will probably go to that game."

"When I went there to visit the coaches seemed real honest with me. Sometimes in the recruiting process coaches will make you feel like livestock rather than a human being. They made me feel at home and like a human being."

"The coaches are nice and everyone has bought in to what coach Prince is teaching. Coach [Frank] Leonard is the most energetic 60-year-old I know. He coached in the NFL. They have experienced coaches. I believe they are on the way up. I am only going to visit Kansas State. I am happy with my decision."

The Kansas product will begin his senior season Friday night.

"It's finally game week," Tannahill said. "Practice has been getting easier. I think we are going to be pretty good this year. We have a good junior running back. We had a pretty good quarterback battle that got decided Friday."

"I believe we are definitely going to be a defensive-minded team. We should be very good on defense. We have a lot of speed. I will be playing tight end and strong safety this year."

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