From The Road: Week 4

Last weekend, saw five commitments in two games and here are thoughts from our time on the road.

In the first game of the night, Habersham Central took on Rockdale County which fell to 0-4 on the season after the Raiders won the game 41-8. After being up 28-0 at the half, some of these thoughts on the major prospects are a little tempered based on the level of competition.

First and foremost, No matter who he played against, Georgia is getting a game-breaking stud in wide receiver Tavarres King. King showed a lot away from the ball including great speed, sudden acceleration, and incredible vision at times. King is listed at 6-1/165 and looks possibly bigger than that size with plenty of more room to grow in college. Still, he is tough over the middle and adjusts well to passes behind him and tipped balls. He is moving much better laterally to take more of a glancing shot than he did last year and appears to be best suited as a slot receiver. In the short amount of time on the field (Habersham subbed in for him early and often), King was dominanant. STOCK: UP |

Oklahoma commitment Daniel Franklin was a tough evaluation for several reasons, including having to play with one hand (a large cast on his right hand) and the lateral running and passing game from the Rockdale offense. Franklin moved well laterally flowing with the ball and did a good job reading his keys most of the time but did get caught a few times watching the backfield and missed some misdirection. Several times, offensive linemen were able to get under his pads and Franklin had some trouble shedding and getting upfield, which was a common occurance throughout the game where he played just five yards off the line of scrimmage. There is obviously some great talent in there, but whether the cast, the opposition, or the wet field, Franklin seemed uncertain and not aggressive throughout the game. STOCK: DOWN

Wake Forest has a commitment from Habersham left tackle Gabe Irby who looks to fit into the Wake Forest offensive philosophy perfectly, and probably best suited to play inside at 6-3, 315 pounds and surprising footwork for that weight. He moves very well off the ball in the running game exploding into his defender and opens up well both to the left and the right in the passing game. Habersham rolled out several times during the game, and Irby was a vital part of that with his blocks on the backside when rolling to the right and he moved well when rolling to the left. He keeps a good base from which to block, has a good punch, and keeps on his blocks. Not dominant strength at the point of impact, and will not get a ton of pancakes, but very effective and efficient with what he does. STOCK: EVEN

In the second game of the evening, Stephens County and Tennessee running back commitment Tauren Poole took on defending state champions Dublin High School with Georgia Tech commitment Nick McRae. The young Dublin team could not make the 14 point comeback in a great finale as the two-point conversion came up just short and the home team came away with the victory.

McRae is going to be a great one for the Yellow Jackets as he does bring some experience already playing center and shows natural ability to get a good snap and able to reach for his defender if the opposition is playing over him or in a gap. His ability to get a push has gotten much better since last year, and the Irish are having to rely on him as a primary point of impact several times each game, including a couple of pulls from his center spot. His footwork continues to get better, though he does still stop his feet after initial contact, and he is getting better with his flexibility to bend at the hips. STOCK: EVEN

Tauren Poole appears to be heads and shoulders above where he was at this point last year with much better speed, though it is still something to work on, and he is still a workhorse that is tough to bring down in the middle of the pile. Poole has a very strong lower body with excellent balance, a low center of gravity, and lowers his shoulder to punish defensive backs. His vision is great at finding seams in the line and would be an excellent runner in a zone blocking scheme, though he could have a tendency to bounce everything to the outside. Probably closer to 5-8 than 5-10, but has a great football body and the potential to carry the ball 20 times a game in the SEC. STOCK: WAY UP

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