In-depth Interview of Brown's First Visit

Tuscaloosa, Alabama--The first official visit for Arthur Brown, the nation's top recruit from Wichita-East, Kansas, took place at the University of Alabama. Brown's recruiting liason, Brian Butler, spoke in-depth with Monday night following the five-star's visit with the Crimson Tide.

"The visit went well," Brian Butler said. "It went very well. We are just letting it soak it a little bit. I can't say anything more stood out about this trip than the one we took during the summer. Both trips were great."

"All this trip did was show Arthur how much they want him and how big of an impact he would have if he attended the University of Alabama. They want him to come play weakside linebacker who moves around. That is what he wants to play."

Butler gave us a play-by-play of the official visit which included Butler, Arthur Brown and his dad.

"When we got there we went straight to the stadium. It was the first game at Alabama we have ever been to. It was a great game. He [Arthur] really liked the atmosphere. We were all taken away by how excited the fans were throughout the game," Butler said.

"The women were dressed up in their red dresses like they were going to prom. It was amazing. The people were polite as usual. The most impressive thing was how intense the crowd stayed the whole game."

"After the game we went to the hotel. We ate there with just a couple of the assistant coaches. It was a late night obviously. We went to bed."

"Arthur went out with the players. His host was Kareem Jackson. I think he enjoyed himself. It's not hard for a kid to enjoy himself in a city like Tuscaloosa. He had a late night. I know he had a good time."

"The next morning we had breakfast, toured the city, toured the facilities, met with coach [Nick] Saban and went to dinner. It went well. It was consistent with every trip I have been involved with. Everything went well."

"We watched some film. We saw the city. The meeting with coach Saban went well. He really talked about the tradition and starting a new flavor. He talked about how important this recruiting class is to him."

"They have a good recruiting class already started. He is going to continue that. He knows how big of an importance it is to have a great recruiting class this year. That's what it's all about."

"We didn't have too many questions. We met with them before. It was pretty informal. We got to know everything. The most important thing we learned was how much they want Arthur and where he fit in the program."

"The recruiting class is important to Arthur. He wants to be around great players. The better players he is around, the better its going to make him. He understands the importance of that."

"Obviously Alabama has a good recruiting class, and the possibility of great class with guys like Star Jackson and Tyler Love. Tyler was at the game Saturday. He and Arthur spent time together."

"Julio Jones was there as well. He is not committed, but Alabama certainly has the possibility of a phenomenal recruiting class."

One would naturally assume a lot of talk about Brown's official visit to Tuscaloosa would take place on the long drive home to Kansas.

"Actually we haven't talked much about it," Butler said. "Our plan is to have a couple days to relax. We don't like to have an emotional decision. He takes notes after he goes on trips. We discuss those after a day or so. We'll update that on the website. We talk more in-detail about the visit."

"He understands it's a great program. We know we'll have that everywhere. We are putting together an excel sheet that breaks it down more. He can break down each school fairly and not emotionally. It's important to me, Mr. Brown and to him. He has plenty of time to decide."

Brown will take four official visits during the next few months as he prepares for his December decision.

"I know he is going to North Carolina for the South Carolina game. He is going to Miami. That's set on Miami's bye week, but could change."

"The only other for sure visit is to USC for the UCLA game. LSU visit is subject to change as well. He had planned to visit Auburn, but not anymore. He may go to LSU for the Florida game."

"He is making his decision on December 17. We will have more on that later on. We plan on doing it at one of two places."

The U.S. Army All-American is having a terrific senior year, and Butler is proud to see the progress Brown has made this season.

"Arthur is having a phenomenal season. He has gotten faster and a lot better. I always want to see my training and if it has helped. I want to see how much they get better. He is performing well. He has had over double digit tackles in every game. He has had four or five sacks. He is being Arthur," Butler said.

Arthur's younger brother, Bryce Brown, projects as one of the nation's top prospects for the class of 2009. Many speculate he will follow his older brother's footsteps.

"He does not plan to make his decision when Arthur decides," Butler said. "He is going through the recruiting process just like Arthur. He is being his own man and making his own plan. Bryce is really looking forward to it. He is going to do his own thing. He has offers from schools all over the country," Butler stated.

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