KSU OT Target David Young Talks Faves, KSU

We caught up with K-State OT Take David Young of Edwardsville, Illinois who is currently sporting close to 15 official scholarship offers. He talks Top Two, Nos. 3 and 4, and then the others fighting to become a contender. Once thought to be a pretender, consider the Cats more than legit contenders. But where exactly is KSU in Young's pecking order? KStateFans.com has the inside scoop!

Checking in at 6-foot-6, 290 pounds Edwardsville, Illinois OT David Young, who boast several offers from some of the top programs in the country talks Top Two, Nos. 3, 4 and then the rest of the pack with KStateFans.com…

"Right now, I'd have to say my top two schools are Illinois and Florida," Young sharing pertinent recruiting information said before adding, "Then I'd say Kansas State, followed by Wisconsin."

Thoughts on His Faves?

On the Illini: (T1) "They've been really impressing me as well as my uncle Harold Watts, who is a real important part of my recruitment, since he played football in high school and went through the scholarship offer process like I am going through right now. And, I like how Illinois is playing a lot of younger players. And, I love the coaches. They remind me so much of my high school coaches."

On the Gators: (T1) "They're playing a bunch of young and really good freshman. They're playing with a sophomore quarterback, young wide receivers and they're doing really good. So it kind of makes me think that I got a chance to go in there and play early too, but on a team that is going to be even better, stronger, more experienced. So I have a chance to go there and play on a really good team. Plus I like how they have Tim Tebow running the ball. There is nothing I like more than run blocking."

On the Wildcats: (3) "I'd have to say that behind my top two next is K-State. I really like the QB they have. And he's young and really good already. He's a tall kid, strong, athletic and has a really strong arm. And, I just really like their program. They impress me, especially when they beat Texas. I know they lost to Kansas last weekend but I think they're going to bounce back from that loss."

On the Badgers: (4) "They have a real good running game. And I like that a lot, means a lot of run blocking which is what I do best. They have a pretty good QB too. He's not the best. But he makes plays. And then they've got some guys injured who are playing through those injuries. That shows me a lot. It shows me heart. It shows me that their coaches must do a great job of motivating, helping their players overcome, and got their players playing with heart. No matter how talented, or how strong or how fast you are, if you don't have heart, you ain't gonna win."

According to Young, after the aforementioned four, it's a rat race for dibbs in joining the neighborhood of the most desirable…

"Nebraska, Colorado, Purdue, Michigan State, Kansas, Indiana, is still very much in the mix," the Midwest Man child told KStateFans.com, "Because I am still open to the recruiting process. Although there are a few standing out more at this point, I am watching how each school on my list does week to week. I am watching as much football as I can to learn more about each of the programs pursuing me. And that's going to help me decide which schools I'm going to give official visits to."

Commitment Time Frame: "I've been watching Illinois and Florida (on the tube and especially up close as well as afar, with respect to the recruiting picture). So I'd have to say that I'm kind of liking those two the most right now. But I've got to take all five of my official visits. And then weigh everything out. Then, after that, I'll pick one out of the five I officially visit."

Official Visit Agenda: "I know I'm going to officially visit Illinois and Florida. I haven't decided who will get the other visits but I'm going to take all five. And right now, K-State and Wisconsin have the best chance to get me on an official visit out of the rest of the schools recruiting me. I guess you could say they kind of lead for my third and fourth spots but that's not automatic yet. I am only guaranteeing Illinois and Florida right now. And then the other schools still have a shot, and could even beat out K-State and Wisconsin for my last three spots. I'm just watching the season play out and discussing everything with my uncle."

Let's take a look at his stats packages below.

JR Season Stats: "120 pancake blocks, no sacks allowed since my sophomore season, no holding penalties, one false start penalty."

SR Season Stats (@OT) "(In just 4 games on offense) I have 40 pancake blocks, no sacks allowed, one holding penalty, no false starts."

SR Season Stats (@DT): "(In just 2 games on defense) I have 12 tackles, 2 TFLs, 2 Pressures."

Other Numbers/Notes to Consider…

Weight Room Numbers: "345 Bench, 515 Squat, 295 Power Clean, 405 Push Press."

Academics: "I have about a 2.4 but I'll have a 2.5 or higher after this semester. I've got all Bs and I think I've got a couple of As. I got a 20 on my ACT but I'm going to retake it again in December."

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