Harper taking his official visit

If there was a commitment that came anymore out of left field this year than Eric Harper then I am not sure who it was. Harper had never seen or been to Nebraska before and was getting a lot of recruiting attention from in-state powerhouse, LSU. Nebraska had an ace in the hole though in his cousin, Barry Cryer, and Nebraska got Harper to say yes to becoming a Cornhusker.

With an early start time for pay-per-view again this week, Nebraska will not have a large number of visitors. However, the one that will be there will be special.

What makes Eric Harper and his commitment to Nebraska so special is the fact that this is the first time he will see it for himself. Coach Billy North from Marrero (La.) John Ehret high schools confirmed Eric's visit.

"Yes he is," Coach North said. "I wish I could take that trip with him, but I won't be."

"I got the information from them and he is definitely planning on going and I am sure that he will have a great visit. He is very excited about it."

If there is something that people might be interested in it could be any late interest that Harper could be getting from other schools to reconsider his options. Before Harper committed, LSU was recruiting him pretty hard.

Coach North has been right by Harper through the entire process and said that if any schools are getting late interest in Harper that it is news to him.

"I don't know anything about that. I see him everyday and I don't know anything about anyone making a push for him. As far as anything since summer, I haven't come across anything like that."

John Ehret came out strong this year, but has since fallen to a .500 record. North kidded that he thinks that his job is safe for one more year.

"We started 3-0 and now we are 3-3. I think that I have one more year. I don't think that they will fire me this year (laughing). We haven't been playing real well and we are 3-3."

If you recall, Harper was ruled ineligible by the UIL, but he has been around the team as much as he can. Coach North said that Harper has been a real positive to have around this year even if it's solely been off the field.

"Absolutely. Eric is always around. He's been in the fall P.E. class and he works out with the team. Eric is always good to have around."

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