New Schools in the Mix for Florida TE

Bo Reliford is one of the state's most talented tight end prospects and the Fort Lauderdale (Dillard) standout is having an excellent senior season that is causing his recruiting stock to go way up. Read on for the latest...

"We're starting to pull it together," Bo Reliford said. "If we beat Coconut Creek (tonight) then we're in (the playoffs). Then we'll play Ely to see who gets the top seed."

Reliford, 6-foot-7 and 235 pounds, is having an excellent senior season.

"I've been doing good," he said. "I'm just trying to do whatever I can to help my team win. I have six touchdowns so far and I'm the leading receiver on our team."

On a team that has completed just 37 passes in seven games, Reliford has 11 of those catches for 203 yards and six scores.

"I haven't faced a linebacker that could stick me," he said. "Usually the D-End will try to jam me and then a linebacker and a safety will pick me up."

The talented tight end played his junior season at Chaminade before transferring to Academy High, where he was able to raise his grades.

"I went there for the last two quarters of my junior year and it helped," he said. "My grades went up and I'm now I've gotten all A's and B's so far here at Dillard."

On the recruiting front, the action is starting to heat up some.

"LSU started calling me," he said. "They first called about two weeks ago and tried getting me to come up there for a visit when they played Florida. I wasn't able to go because I haven't taken the SAT yet (note: in order to take an official visit, a player must have at least one SAT or ACT score on file). That's a really nice place, though. I'd like to visit there and probably will after the season."

The talented tight end said he has been talking to several other schools in recent weeks as well.

"UM still calls, Ole Miss, FIU, Alabama started calling, Wisconsin started calling," he said. "There's a bunch of them."

One school continues holding the edge over the others.

"I still like Miami the most," he said. "They're my leader. I went to one of their games. I wanted to go to the Georgia Tech game but we had practice that day. I talk to Coach Stoutland. He tells me I could come in and play right away. UM always used to be the place where all the tight ends went. But last game they only threw to him one time so I don't know if that means they're not using the tight end or if they just need new ones."

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