Marrongelli a Steal

There is no one who feels like the Kansas coaching staff got a big steal in Trevor Marrongelli then Austin Westwood head coach Anthony Wood. Wood has seen some pretty good ones this year, but he believes Marrongelli to be the total package.

Trevor Marrongelli, a 6-foot-4, 290-pound offensive lineman from Westwood High in Austin, Texas may have not been the most highly regarded prospect in the country by message board recruiting fans and experts, but according to Westwood head coach Anthony Wood there were more than a dozen collegiate programs who saw it otherwise.

"He has had about 15 offers," Wood explained. "Notably you could say that Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas New Mexico, UTEP, and Louisiana Tech."

"Michigan State and Purdue were both pretty hot on him here recently, but they did not yet step up with an offer."

Marrongelli may have been noticed by the college programs who are vigorously recruiting the region, but it looks like he could still be much more highly regarded throughout the country as far as the coach is concerned.

"Trevor is incredible," Coach Wood began to inform of Marrongelli's talents. "He is a straight A student, and the strongest kid in our program. He is just unbelievable in terms of tenacity and how aggressive he is and how often he just loves to finish the play."

"He has started for us since he was a sophomore in what is really the toughest district in the state of Texas. Trevor is the captain of our football team. You name it and he does it."

"As a junior he was a left tackle," the coach continued. "We throw it between 40-50 times a game, so we had him at tackle. This season we moved him down to guard just because we were going to run the ball a lot more. This past week we played against the toughest defensive end in our district, so we moved him out to tackle and he absolutely dominated him."

"Trevor is hands down the best lineman in our area. There is a kid down at Austin High that is committed to Texas. We have played Austin High the last two years and there is no comparison who the better kid is."

Wood explained that Marrongelli has the size and techniques to play any position along the offensive line and is even an excellent deep snapper, but it is hard to predict where he will end up at this point in time quite simply because he may have a lot more room for growth.

"He has some uncles that are 6-foot-10 and 6-foot-8, and Trevor in my opinion is not even close to being done growing," the coach explained. "I really think by the time he leaves Kansas he will be at least 6'6."

"He is such a neat kid to have around in our program. He is everything that you want every kid to be in your program. I wish I could have him for another year."

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