Watson Still Hearing Cowbells

Louis Watson took his second official visit this past weekend when he made the drive over to Mississippi State to watch the Bulldogs battle the Alabama Crimson Tide.

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"My visit went well," said Louis. "Everything went real good."

Watson was hosted by redshirt freshman defensive back Wade Bonner.

"He was a real cool guy," said the talented cornerback. "Everything I asked him, he was real straight up with me about it. I enjoyed talking to him."

Bonner was able to give Watson the big Maroon tour.

"I got to see all of the facilities this morning and I talked with the academic advisors yesterday," said Louis. "I got to check out everything. It was all real nice."

The Mobile, Alabama native was particularly fond of the newest phase of facility upgrades at MSU.

"They are building a new academic facility," said Watson. "It should be done by next year. It's right next to the football complex, so when you get done with practice you can go right to study hall. It's going to be pretty cool. It's all going to be there together in the same spot. I liked that."

Waton was part of an MSU record crowd that saw the Bulldog beat Alabama for the second year in a row.

"I really enjoyed the game," said Louis. "The crowd was great. All I heard was cowbells every where. The game went really well. I really enjoyed watching the defense."

The talented defensive back got the chance to offer his well wishes to the Bulldog players after their win.

"After the game I got to talk to a few of the players," said Louis. "Everybody was just celebrating. Everybody was ready to hop in the shower after all of that, so I didn't get to talk to them all too much. I did talk to some of the DBs and they were real cool."

All in all, Louis came away with a new perspective on the Mississippi State football program.

"I was impressed," said Watson. "I enjoyed the whole trip. I got to talk with Coach Croom. He is a real funny guy and he is down-to-Earth. He didn't pressure me or anything like that. He told me to do what I think is best for me."

Despite having a great time on his visit, Louis is holding firm to making his college decision after he has had the chance to tour the campuses of his final four.

"I am really considering Mississippi State," said Watson. "I am going to take two more visits and then I am going to make my decision after all of that."

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