Arizona hoss talks Idaho experience

A STUDENT OF THE GAME, a decision is looming for one Arizona hoss on where he's going to spend the next few years of his life getting his college degree. The 6-3, 314-pounder out of Avondale was in Moscow this past weekend on an official visit and talks UI impressions, where things stand in his recruitment, where he goes from here and more.

Guy Reynolds said meeting the Vandals' players and coaches and getting some one-on-one time with them was the highlight of the trip.

"It went good, I had fun, I had a blast. I liked the players a lot, I met almost every one of the players -- every lineman, their starting running back, their quarterback and receivers," said Reynolds.

Reynolds did not verbally commit on his visit and the distance from home is something he said he wants to think about more.

"The only thing is it is kind of far away. But when all that other stuff is good, it's not really a factor...They're really young. Their two receivers are freshmen, their running back is a freshman, their quarterback is a freshman. They seem to have a lot of talent up there. They just need to get older," he said.

A decision timetable for Reynolds won't come for at least a few more weeks, he said, emphasizing that he could see himself playing in Moscow.

"Oh, definitely. I definitely can....I had a long talk with the coaches and I told them that I wasn't going to do anything until our season is over. And the coach is going to come down to my house, so it might be then if I do (verbal). They were fine with that, and they wanted me to keep my options open," said Reynolds.

In-home visits are allowed beginning Nov. 25.

AS FOR THE Vandals' competition, Arizona, Boise State, Colorado State, Montana, UNLV and Stanford are all showing varying shades of recruiting love these days, with Arizona coming on stronger. Idaho remains Reynolds' sole offer.

Arizona, said Reynolds, has told him not to misinterpret the lack of a UA scholarship offer, with a lack of interest on their part.

"U of A is talking to me a lot," said Reynolds. "The Montana coaches call me about every week. The UNLV coaches I (talked to recently) and that went good...With U of A, I talked to coach (Arizona coach Tim) Kish and he said they're (busy) with their record, and the football team isn't going where they're wanting it to go, but they're real, real interested in me."

Reynolds said he might possibly take an unofficial to Arizona for the tonight's game against Oregon.

MEANWHILE, REYNOLDS AND Westview High have moved into the second round of the playoffs. Individually, Reynolds said he's cranked it up a couple notches in the second half of the season.

"In the beginning of the season, it wasn't that I was unhappy with what I was doing but I was just playing a little too high and my feet weren't working as well. When we got into games 4-5, though, it all just started clicking. My feet were moving, my pad level was a lot lower -- my game films just looked a lot better," he said.

Reynolds, an excellent student, was first team all region and all Arizona as a junior. He racked up 65 pancake blocks in '06, breaking the school record.

That mark will fall again this season.

"I don't know what I have this year, but I'm over what I had last year," said Reynolds.

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